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Us top Republican vice presidential candidate Trump to give up to the original title: the United States to abandon the top Republican vice presidential candidate Burns Trump to support according to the voice of America radio website reported on October 9th, the Republicans have more appeal to Republican president candidate Donald · Trump abandoned election. Reported that the Republican National Committee are looking for high-level can let Trump give up his options, although there will be obstacles on the program, and in fact from the presidential election only a month’s time. Republican National Committee building in washington. According to the October 9th global network quoted CNN (CNN) news, from the "Washington Post" in the United States time exposure October 7th Republican presidential candidate Trump 11 years ago was insulting to women lewd remarks since there are a number of senior Republicans withdrew their support for Trump, while a number of Republicans said it would support Trump’s vice presidential running mate Burns (Pence). U.S. media said that at least 12 Republicans made it clear that in the next presidential election, will not vote for Trump. Reported that, although Trump suffered pressure, but he insisted that he would never withdraw from the presidential race, will not disappoint his supporters. Trump sent a message on the social platform, said: there is a voice eager to let me withdraw from the election. But I want to quit, there is no possibility. I have an incredible support." Trump stressed that "I quit the opportunity to zero". Trump, 8, said in New York when he said he would not withdraw. According to BBC website 9 reported that the latest to give up support for Trump is a former Republican presidential candidate (John McCain), as well as former U.S. Secretary of state (Condoleezza Rice). Mccain said Trump’s remarks even lost its "conditional support"". Rice said, "Trump, you have enough! Trump should not be president of the United states." Trump should not be president of the United States, "said Rice". New Hampshire Senator Ortega (Sean Ayotte) recently said in a statement, I can not and will not support a demeaning, insulting women as president". You are going to face the congressional campaign Oort also said that she would not vote for Hilary, but Trump will fill in the votes of vice presidential candidate Burns’s name. Reported that a number of Republicans have said they would support Burns. For the Trump video event, Burns said it made him uncomfortable, but fortunately, Trump has expressed regret and apologize to the people of the United states. "We pray for his family." According to another report, the speaker of the house of representatives of Ruian (Paul Ryan) was first held in Wisconsin invited Trump to participate in the campaign, but in the video exposure, Ruian withdrew invitations, and said this thing to. Trump’s wife, (Melania) in a statement issued in 8, said her husband had said that this is unacceptable, "I think my husband used Jun相关的主题文章: