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The report said North Korea’s new missile can hit the United States Secret special forces towards data figure: Korean special forces (source network) the foreign media reports, The Pentagon, according to a new report, long-range nuclear missiles North Korea "is committed to the development of" can constitute a direct threat to the United States "". Such reports regularly provide Congress with the latest status and changes in North Korea’s military capabilities. CNN reported on February 12th, the new report was released on 12, before the recent nuclear test and satellite launch in Pyongyang, the report highlights the fact that the Korean regime invested a large amount of money for the modernization of the armed forces and weapons. The report also highlighted the North Korean special forces, known as one of the most well-trained, well equipped, well fed and highly active troops in the Korean army". The Pentagon in other parts of the report pointed out that the DPRK’s major special forces "seems to be aimed at launching rapid attacks", including internal defense against foreign attacks. The report says the North Korean special forces are divided into specialized forces, such as reconnaissance troops, airborne and sea landing forces, commandos, etc.. Ashton ·, Secretary of defense, talked about the concerns of the Korean army last week in Washington, D.C., Carter. He said, "every day we focus on the demilitarized zone between the South and the north." The United States deployed about 27 thousand troops in South korea. The report also said that North Korea is continuing to develop a long-range missile named KN-08, which will enable the DPRK to attack the United States with mobile satellite launchers which are difficult to track by the United States satellites. According to the Agence France-Presse reported on February 13th, The Pentagon said 12 days, North Korea vowed to achieve nuclear missile strike on the United States, but without outside help it is does not have the ability to do this, the reason is its own technical defects. Reported that the report submitted to Parliament in Pyongyang earlier this month to launch a rocket carrying satellites and the last fourth nuclear tests before writing. The report says that if the DPRK’s KN-08 intercontinental ballistic missile is designed and developed, it is likely to have the ability to attack the United states. However, the DPRK has not been able to carry out flight tests on this highly sophisticated equipment, and its reliability as a weapon is very low". "The development of this weapon will also depend on how much technology and aid it can get from other countries," the report said." The report also says that Pyongyang is experimenting with another technology that will launch intercontinental ballistic missiles out of the atmosphere and then hit the United States, but there is no re-entry vehicle. The report also highlighted North Korea’s special operations forces, known as strategic special operations forces, which seemed to be designed for rapid attack operations, against external attacks, and as a high pressure diplomacy, to launch limited attacks on South Korea’s weak targets".

美报告称朝鲜新导弹能打美本土 揭秘朝特种部队 资料图:朝鲜特种部队(图源于网络)   外媒称,五角大楼一份新报告称,朝鲜“正致力于研制”能够对美国构成直接威胁的“远程核导弹”。该类报告定期向国会提供朝鲜军事能力的最新状况和变化。   据美国有线电视新闻网2月12日报道,新报告于12日公布,在平壤最近的核试验和卫星发射之前撰写,报告突出了朝鲜政权投入大量经费进行军队和武器现代化建设的事实。   报道称,报告还特别提到了朝鲜特种部队,称其是朝鲜军队中“最训练有素、装备精良、伙食最好并有高度积极性的部队之一”。   五角大楼在报告的其他部分指出,朝鲜主要特种部队“看来旨在发动快速攻击行动”,包括针对外来进攻的内部防御。   报告说,朝鲜特种部队分成专业化的部队,例如侦察部队、空降和海上登陆部队、突击队等。   国防部长阿什顿·卡特上周在华盛顿谈到了对朝鲜军队的担心。他说:“我们每一天都在关注(南北方之间的)非军事区。”美国在韩国部署了约2.7万人的部队。   报告还表示,朝鲜正继续研制名为KN-08的远程导弹,该导弹将使朝鲜有能力用美国的卫星难以追踪的移动发射装置袭击美国。   另据法新社2月13日报道,五角大楼12日说,朝鲜矢志不渝地要实现对美国的核导弹打击,但是离开外界的帮助它是没有能力做到这一点的,原因是它自身技术存在缺陷。   报道称,这份递交国会的报告是在平壤本月早些时候发射搭载卫星的火箭以及上月进行第四次核试验前撰写的。   报告说,朝鲜的KN-08洲际弹道导弹如果设计与研制成功的话,“很可能有能力”打击美国的本土。   但是,朝鲜至今不能对这种高度复杂的装备进行飞行试验,其“作为武器装备的可靠性目前很低”。   报告说:“这种武器装备的研制进程也会在一定程度上取决于它能从别的国家那里获得多少技术以及援助。”   报告还说,平壤正在试验另一种技术,即将洲际弹道导弹发射到大气层外然后再打击美国,但是没有重返大气层载具。   报告还强调了朝鲜的特种作战部队,称战略性的特种作战部队“似乎旨在用于快速进攻作战、抵御外来袭击以及作为高压外交手段之一对(韩国)弱点目标展开有限攻击”。相关的主题文章: