Unwilling to make vases! Miss world 6 years studying Ph.D.-sugus

Unwilling to make vases! Miss world 6 years studying a doctorate of Su Ying first received a doctorate in Miss World Malaysia according to Taiwan media reports, the singer Su Ying won the Miss World pageant in Malaysia entered the entertainment circle, the sister of the stereotype that she is still not recognized or optimistic, in 6 years ago she decided in Malaysia Open University (Open University Malaysia) PhD, hoping to prove that "beauty sister" can still be both inside and outside. These 6 years has finally graduated at the same time, Su Ying acquired "Malaysia (Malaysia) records" certification, become "the first was awarded a doctorate in Malaysia Miss World", also on behalf of graduates speech on stage, the audience burst into applause. Shouted the Su Ying: "Bye Soo Wincci, Hi Dr. Soo Wincci!" officially declared Dr. graduated and was promoted to "Dr. Seuss", she represented the graduates in the graduation ceremony speech, to remind the audience more personal experience and not give up the dream of education. At the same time, thanks to parents, teachers, brokerage team, the media, fans, the Soviet Union did not forget to remind: education may not be the whole life, but it can give us the best support. Education should not be used to control life, it should be used to guide us." Su Ying’s "self value" was due to growth in the traditional family and overweight, learning ability is low, said Su Ying had been the people stereotype that girls should not be too high education, Malaysia won the Miss World crown entered the entertainment circle, beautiful sister stereotype. She is still not recognized or about 6 years ago, he decided to start working on a PhD in business administration, training to learn to analyze and solve their problems, rather than rely on others or luck. She said: "I found that, rather than complain, self appreciation. I want to prove that boys can do, as a girl can also. Also, beautiful sister is not ignorance of women (bimbos) or vase, never underestimate anyone, we should be willing to share and help others." What was the audience enthusiastic response. Received the PhD degree certificate, Su Ying excited tears, to calm the mood, then visited the university program book around the world to give you a speech, share our experience dream, hoping to encourage more people in the lecture, the dream of fighting, and tell you and don’t be afraid of failure. She will also launch a new digital single "break up" to commemorate the victory, the turning point of life, and want to share everything between fans.相关的主题文章: