University of intangible cultural heritage and advanced training — creation exhibition debut Imperi-dachiyouxiang

"University and Heritage — Senior Exhibition" appeared in the opening scene of "imperial Museum of Art University and the China Central Academy of Fine Arts youth — intangible cultural heritage intangible cultural heritage inheritors senior exhibition" in October 21, 2016 -11 month exhibition 4 in Beijing imperial Museum of art. The exhibition by the Ministry of culture Intangible Cultural Heritage Department, the Beijing Municipal Federation of trade unions, jointly organized by the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Imperial Art Museum hosted. From the paper cutting, wood carving, jade carving, lacquer, enamel, residential building, bamboo weaving, embroidery 8 non heritage categories of more than 240 pieces of outstanding works in the Imperial Palace in the tomb and the temple to enjoy things Peidian exhibition exhibitors, including the national intangible cultural heritage, the young master of the non genetic, and from the Central Academy of fine arts professor and a total of 90 students people. In October 21st, the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the Department of higher education deputy director Han Yun, Dean of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, chief curator Fan Dian, the Ministry of culture Intangible Cultural Heritage Department Management Office Deputy Director Zhang Xiaoli, assistant dean and Dean of China Central Academy of Fine Arts Wang Xiaolin, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, director of the center for non material cultural heritage of Qiao Xiaoguang, the China Central Academy of Fine Arts collaborative innovation office director Yue Jieqiong, Beijing City Federation of trade unions the director of education working people’s Cultural Palace, vice minister Huang Xiufang, Beijing Li Peng, and more than 50 non participation in this exhibition, art heritage representatives on behalf of the teachers and students attended the opening ceremony. In early 2015, the Ministry of culture decided to implement the revitalization of traditional arts and crafts training program for young people. In view of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts complete discipline and high level teachers and the experience accumulated in the research aspects of the intangible cultural heritage, intangible cultural heritage inheritors of young senior commissioned to carry out college, this is the first attempt to national intangible cultural heritage into colleges and universities, teachers and experts to explore folk art and culture in contemporary China Life in the inheritance and development issues. Since the first national "training" pilot work, the Central Academy of fine arts has been successfully held 4, invited from all over the country of outstanding young practitioners into the national top art institutions, to carry out training and exchange of rich and colorful, and the Academy of fine arts teachers and students together to participate in the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage in the cause ". "Training" relates to paper cutting, wood carving, lacquer ware and other 8 categories of intangible cultural heritage, 4 were from Han, Mongolian, Dong and other 9 ethnic groups a total of 98 young people involved in inheritance. According to the "training" plan "proposed by the Central Academy of fine arts, art, known informed debate" three "concept, in-depth student community heritage site visits and research," for the national heritage, for the life of innovation "research and training objectives, have become important values and mode of curriculum culture the Ministry of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance and Chinese training study crowd training program" in Colleges and universities is widely recognized and popularized. The exhibition of the most outstanding achievements of creation and the "training" process, which is a national non heritage master high level quality, and inheritance and try in young people full of vitality of Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance; both from the community Baigong traditional skills, and college teachers and students from the cultural heritage of inspiration the art of creation; not only presents the various categories of exquisite traditional art heritage and excellent native tradition, but also reflects the new.相关的主题文章: