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The UN refugee agency: domestic conflict caused by the southern Sultan the number of refugees broken million – Sohu Geneva 16 September, Xinhua News (reporter Nie Xiaoyang Shi Jianguo) the UN refugee agency said 16 South Sultan refugees were forced to flee to neighboring countries and domestic conflict to seek asylum in this week to break 1 million, the world’s youngest country has become in recent years after Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia is a country of more than one million refugees fled. UNHCR spokesman Leo Dobbs in Geneva on the same day? The regular press conference that, in the 1 million South Sultan refugees, more than 185 thousand people since July 8th this year, the capital of Juba, a new outbreak of violence after fleeing, the number is still increasing rapidly. Dobbs said that there are currently more than 370 thousand southern Sultan refugees stranded in Uganda, in addition, Ethiopia and Sultan were also accepted more than 290 thousand and nearly 250 thousand southern Sultan refugees. South Sultan declared independence in July 9, 2011. The situation in the country in recent years, more volatile. President Kiir and vice president Meshal two Army long armed conflict, Meshal once fled juba. In April this year, Meshal Kiel and involved in the formation of the transitional government of national unity, but the two sides continue to occur again in July the army of fierce fighting. (end)相关的主题文章: