UEFA Champions League Cup recommended the water level is not difficult to kill Seville Lyon – Sohu 9c8836

The Champions League is recommended: Seville water poor difficult to destroy Lyon – Sohu game time: 2016 09.28          Wednesday   02:45: 0.96    asian handicap   Seville       0.75            Leon; Europe 0.90 index 1.70      3.58      4.10 events: because of the same group of prospective rivals Juventus is obviously a higher grade, they can reserve a group of promotion places, so the direct dialogue between Seville and Lyon, the opponent is particularly important. Especially in Seville, as their UEFA Cup winner, nature is subject to outside attention, they first tie against Juventus in Italy, success in the opponent to score remarkable performance. This time back to Spain, good at home combat Seville, of course, depending on 3 points as the ultimate goal. Lyon this season repeatedly, lack of stability over the line is not assured. Although the first round group match them to 3 ball victory over dynamo Zagreb, but don’t forget that last season, Lyon is out of the bottom group, 6 group made only one win, so the team did not want to happen again this ugly performance. Visit Spain tonight, he might win bianzhen. The game in the Seville handicap chase home court let disc 0.75, as the UEFA Cup, they played by home court betting agencies seriously, but this season Seville overall winning percentage is not high, the disc 0.75 handicap is no problem, the problem is having too high level, and no signs of fall. In Europe – up to 1.70-1.75, analysis from the first round group match, 0.75 master did not have much to be able to play on the road, and Leon also regard each other as the main object of a war against Seville tonight, not to do so to win, anti cold appearance is also very likely to win. Half the recommendation: go, make, the outcome score recommended: 0:0, 1:2 (-1) Seville Beijing single game ball, SMG recommended: 0 let the ball Shengping Fu Seville (-1) recommended: 0 ball, SMG football did not let the ball, recommended: 10相关的主题文章: