U.S. police announced the shooting of black video footage of the dead were not armed-ratatouille

The police released video footage was shot dead in the black gun did not original title: American Sherlock police released a black man shooting video in new network on 25 September, Beijing, September 25 Xinhua comprehensive report, by African American man Stott shot dead by police incident, the United States of Sherlock, North Carolina, days of protests and riots Sherlock, local time 24 days, the police have released a portable camera and tachograph captured events. In addition, according to The Associated Press, the media also received a police file, including the police claimed that Stott possession of marijuana and a pistol photos. Local time on the evening of September 20th, the outbreak of violent demonstrations in Sherlock, North Carolina, protest police shot a black man. 12 police officers were injured in the clashes and several police cars were damaged. Pictured riot police at the scene. The footage shows two police officers with guns pointing at Stott in the car, and then he comes out of the car, starts to retreat, and then the four gunshots sounded. The sound of his wife’s cries could be heard in the video, but he could not see whether Stott had anything in his hand. And the police’s camera shows Stott’s hands on his side, standing outside the car. The video did not include the moment Stott was shot, and he fell to the floor once more. Police said earlier, Stott was shot, because he refused to lay down the pistol. But residents said Stott did not carry weapons. Local time on September 23rd, the United States, Sherlock, North Carolina on Tuesday, the police shot unarmed African American man video exposure. "Don’t shoot. He has no weapons! He’s suffering from brain damage. He just wants to take some medicine!" Video of the victim’s wife to the police. Stott’s family has announced his wife using intelligent mobile phone to shoot 2 minute short film, but the film did not show the shooting process itself, also can not clearly answer whether Stott holds a weapon. Police chief Putney said earlier that day at a press conference, said, "absolutely" has a gun, but the video screen can not see the gun in his hand on the. Putney said that all the evidence must be considered together, the police shoot and support other evidence. Putney said, the police see Stott possession of marijuana and weapons, decided the situation "to the public and we pose a security problem" Stott shot event led to days of protests, and asked the police released video footage of the voice. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: