U.S. media Russia began to use more inflatable weapons to interfere with the enemy-queer as folk

U.S. media: Russia began to use more "inflatable weapons" jamming enemy original title: America Media: Russia began to use more "inflatable weapons" enemy "New York Times" interference according to the U.S. website reported on October 12th, the Russian Defense Ministry began to use an old military deception: the use of "inflatable weapons" interfering with the enemy. Reported that Russia has received more inflatable tanks, inflatable jets and inflatable missile launchers and other inflatable weapons and equipment supply. Inflatable weapons deployed quickly, disintegrate quickly, relatively easy to transport, to disperse enemy fire, and interfere with the enemy’s war decision-making command. "In fact, as long as the understanding of the history of war, it is not difficult to see that fraud can always win the war, but no one has won by a legitimate means." Ruth Bell’s army of sales director Alexei A Komarov to "New York Times" revealed. The company is a supplier of Russian military inflatable weapons. Reported that the use of inflatable weapons can be traced back to World War II in europe. In Europe in the Allied attack, general Barton had passed a "ghost army", the use of empty tents and plastic, wooden fiber and ordnance to defeat the enemy. Later, after the allies in France, the "ghost Legion" continue to use this strategy more than 20 times, the success of the German forces to cover the allies in France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany, the actual military action. Reported that Russia is once again using inflatable weapons is in line with the "maskirovka" principle, which rely on concealment, fraud and other fraudulent means to spread disinformation strategy prevents the enemy decision. Russia has always believed in this principle. During the cold war, there was a small error in the civil map of the Soviet union. In 2014, Ukraine and Crimea in the military conflict, the Russian soldiers were also disguised. According to the New York Times, the Russian military leaders have questioned the practical effectiveness of inflatable weapons, but it seems to be persuaded. Internship compile: Zeng Qing Yang audit: Tan Liya)相关的主题文章: