Typhoon led to the largest ship in the history of the ship hit the pier loss of more than one billio-ricky lee neely

The typhoon to hit the biggest ship dock shipbuilding history over the loss of NT $one billion – Beijing, Beijing, September 16, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the typhoon Meranti in Taiwan Kaohsiung port from moment seventeen strong wind, let is built by the Taiwan shipbuilding history the largest ship "Ming wind wheel", namely the use of 38 rope fixed, still full port units snapped, the use of six tugboats tried to drag back, still powerless. One hundred kilometers after the giant ship, hit the other side of the high pier, pier four bridge crane damage, the loss is estimated at more than one billion (NT, the same below). Port Liability Company Chairman Wu Meng said, the biggest reason is caused by the strong winds off the cable, and then the wind and rain, visibility is only ten meters, emergency measures in a very short time, causing serious disaster. "I only watched the 38 line a, a broken cable," general manager Chen Lin said that the Taiwan ship? The day before yesterday at half past twelve, Kaohsiung port east wind blowing, "the moment of crosswind, let the tight first off, a broken, like a broken dominoes". He said that the terminal topographic position, form wind tunnel effect, the ship could not withstand the strong winds from the dock, as typhoon, advance reinforcement against Taiwan cable, normal operation up to seven cables, to the 38, each one hundred cm diameter of cable. "Unfortunately, the ship is very big, big wind, wind surface with greater strength," Chen Lin said, although the emergency? Deployed aboard six large tug to the top, still can not stand such a big wind, such a big ship. The wind all the way from the paddle boat pier two, drifted across the brilliant pier, huge hull, oblique collision to the bridge crane wharf and pier, four crane damage. Chen Tiancai, general manager of Gaoming container terminal, said the crane two scrapped, the other two to ask experts to detect, if repair on repair, a repair time of about half a year. Kaohsiung Port Liability Company said that the crane a price two, three hundred million yuan, the loss of light is crane one billion; Chen Cai said, crane damage affects the terminal operations, about 1/4 container handling affected parts of reinsurance companies negotiate compensation. Kaohsiung Port Liability Company said it would dispatch other terminal crane support. Data: maximum wind paddle in the history of the Taiwan ship cable breaking hit the pier "wind Paddle" is Taiwan’s largest ship shipbuilding history, adopt double bottom shell design, the captain 368 meters, 51 meters wide, 16 meters draft loaded load up to one hundred and forty-six thousand and seventy-three tons, ten cargo ship, container ship can be loaded with single standard more than 14 thousand specifications 20 feet.相关的主题文章: