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Two the European Parliament caucus called "frozen" accession negotiations with Turkey Beijing News Agency – in November 22 Brussels Xinhua (reporter Shen Chen) the European Parliament caucus – two bureau of the people’s party, the socialists were 22, said here, in the outside world under the current environment, the EU should immediately "freeze" Turkey to join the European Union negotiation. The European people’s party caucus chairman Webb (Manfred Weber) pointed out that day in the European Parliament, the EU needs to send a clear message to Turkey immediately: "freeze" the Turkey talks to join the eu. Webb said: "if Turkey is to adopt the death penalty, we will be very clear to tell them that such a country can not become a member of the eu. Turkey is our friend and partner. But they should change the present situation and put the interests of the people in the first place." The European socialist party caucus chairman Pietila (Gianni Pitella) with the view of Webb is almost the same. Pietila said the socialists want to "freeze" the Turkey talks to join the eu. Pietila said: "under El’s rule, Turkey gradually centralized politics. We must send a clear message to Ankara that human rights and democracy cannot be bargained for if we want to join the eu." Two the European Parliament caucus called "frozen" Turkey accession negotiations, was the president of Turkey El’s response. El’s day in Ankara before the EU issued an ultimatum, said Turkey will take the form of a referendum to decide whether to join the EU requirements. At that time El Erdogan also reiterated that Ankara intended to restore the death penalty. This move will undoubtedly make Turkey’s accession talks on "". EU countries to Ankara to resume the death penalty. In March this year, Turkey and the EU reached an agreement on refugees, in addition to the European Union agreed to provide 3 billion euros of aid to Turkey to deal with the influx of refugees for the Middle East, the EU also agreed to speed up the pace of accession negotiations with Turkey, the implementation of visa free route speed. But after that, Turkey’s negotiations has always been speed rhythm. (end)相关的主题文章: