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Two students hanging in the dormitory on the beam had played the game tied in junior middle school in Wenchang Jinshan middle school the second grade students Han Mouzhuang the death scene. Live @ Hainan September 7th, Hainan Province, the second grade junior middle school in Wenchang Jinshan middle school students of Zhuang Han hanging in the dormitory. In September 20th, Hainan Wenchang Municipal Public Security Bureau official website survey conclusion Han Han Zhuang said the deaths, strong death ruled out homicide, police found Han Zhuang played violent games bundled class, and the manner of death is similar, the family suspected Han Zhuang is in the imitation game content to death. According to the conclusion, on 13 September 7th 01, Wenchang Jinshan Town animal husbandry station two dormitory building, a man named Han Zhuang hanging in the house. After investigation, the deceased named Han Zhuang, male, Han, Jin Shan Zhen Bei Po Bei Cun, Jinshan middle school (5) class, now living in Jin Shan Zhen Jin Road No. 17 building two animal husbandry station. Through on-site investigation, on-site door intact, room windows security net intact, no signs of climbing the balcony scene; room items neat, no property loss, without turning, traces of the battle. The conclusion shows that Han Zhuang in front of the neck constricted channel and bilateral wrist cable ditch, body mechanical injury and no other. Physical and chemical tests, and the elimination of toxic substances (poison). Two white nylon rope rope scene for double slipknot DNA identification and extraction of knots; yellow packaging tape on the scene from the dead and I did not find other types of DNA. Along the way through the transfer of video and visiting the surrounding masses and schools, students, on the day of the way back to the dorm, did not find someone trailing and other abnormal. In addition, the Wenchang Municipal Public Security Bureau, Mr. Han (deceased father) that provided two "enemies" in the period of time are not present, do not have the time to commit the crime, has ruled out the possibility of committing the crime. The forensic inquest, the dead were excluded after the death of rope hanging, the Department of mechanical asphyxia death. Based on the above, the Wenchang Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Hainan Provincial Office of criminal technology identification expert group consultation: Han Zhuang death ruled out homicide. The boy wrote the note after the college entrance examination Dutch act does not feel the love of parents相关的主题文章: