Two 90 guy repeatedly winning lottery from the hidden trick eventually jailed-reshacker

Two 90 guy repeatedly winning lottery from Tibet tricky eventually jailed network pictures to buy lottery tickets, everyone is looking forward to winning, but winning is not an easy thing to do! Is there any way to make it easy for the easy thing to do? 90 after the guy Xiaotao and Xiaowei felt there, they thought of a way, not only in Wenzhou to buy lottery tickets can often win, buy lottery tickets in Hangzhou and Haining can win! But they didn’t win a few awards in Haining, and they were on the show! The lottery winning Haining Guo boss repeatedly opened a sports lottery shop every day to buy lottery tickets in the bridge, the people here very much, but winning is very limited, one day in October last year, two a short young man to the store to buy lottery lottery Guo boss, but repeatedly bought repeatedly, which there are usually very rare large awards. "At noon, a lot of people come to my shop to buy lottery tickets, this guy bought 2 lottery scratch out, not long to go to the store, said he had 20 yuan, I at first glance, they do. They used to win the money and bought a few lottery tickets in the lottery shop on the table scrape up." According to Guo boss recalled, guy blew for a while, and excitedly shouted: "I win!" Guo boss approached a look, found that this guy really got 5000 dollars, "because the terminal confidential inspection lottery and to 2 in the afternoon to run after, I can only check the gross lottery, with the naked eye, I that is a winning lottery ticket in the store scraped out, there is no fraud opportunities on the spot to pay his 5000 yuan." Few people can win this lottery, this guy bought two times, how can win?" The guy left, Guo boss always felt a little strange, he took the winning ticket carefully studied and found the winning numbers 39 and 52 with a ring of less obvious slit, "I use a nail pick, on the lottery numbers was neatly jimmied. I just know cheated, and quickly alarm." Tibet Maoni eventually jailed for 3 days, buy lottery Xiaotao and David jingfangxingju Haining, was arrested in November 19th last year. According to the investigation, Xiaotao is 26 years old, Guizhou people; David is 21 years old, and is a fellow xiaotao. After the arrest, they explained the whole process from winning to get money. "We buy lottery tickets, usually buy a few lottery scratch, scratch off one by one, then while people are not prepared to be prepared to be altered the winning ticket exchange, then pretended to be surprised, that he won the lottery. Because the terminal machine or upgrade or failure, the bosses of the naked eye failed to identify the fake lottery, these bonuses will be cheated us!" Xiao Tao said. According to the investigation, Xiaotao and Xiaowei not just cheat Guo boss a lottery shop, prior to this, they have been in Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Haining and other places more than a lottery shop, by clipping, patching, paste and other means of altering the winning scratch lottery cheat others property; they had 7 times the total, cheat the winning 14000 yuan. Haining court of first instance of the case that the defendant Xiaotao and David for the purpose of illegal possession, repeatedly Gang using fictional facts and conceal the truth means to cheat other people’s property, the value of 14000 yuan, the larger amount, their behavior had constituted the crime of fraud. The defendant Xiaotao and David, were sentenced to)相关的主题文章: