Turkey Police Bureau attacked the death of 11 people claiming responsibility for the library labor melia kreiling

Turkey police attack caused 11 deaths in Ankara base labour claimed on 26 August, Xinhua (reporter Zou Le Shi Chun) 26, the PKK through its website that is made the day lead event Sirnak province police bomb attacks that killed 11 policemen. In the library the labour party statement said, in the 25 attack on a police convoy in Turkey province when the library does not know the artvin Labour leader of the Republican people’s party if the Winkler tschida Oulu, and had no intention of attacking Winkler tschida if oulu. The library also demanded the release of their imprisoned leader Abdullah ocalan. Local time on the morning of 26, a police checkpoint in Southeast Turkey Sirnak province jezzi Levin District was a car bomb attack. Scheer Knaak governor’s office announced that the attack has led to 11 police officers were killed and 78 injured. 25, Turkey’s largest opposition party leader of the Republican people’s party if the team in Oulu Winkler tschida in northeastern Turkey province of artvin suffered armed attacks, killing 1 people responsible for the security of the soldiers were killed and 2 wounded. The PKK was established in 1979, trying to establish an independent state by force, has been in Turkey, the United States and the European Union as a terrorist organization. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: