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Cai Yingwen: have confidence and Trump made us Taiwan relations further original title: Cai Yingwen and Trump: have confidence in government cooperation made us Taiwan relations further make mistakes Cai Yingwen "big head" (map) yiboweiping another, Cai Yingwen was expecting Hilary defeated. Before the election, Cai Yingwen secretly supported Hilary through a variety of channels is now running for president of the United States, Trump was elected. In the context of the gradual marginalization of Taiwan, Cai authorities such a major miscarriage of justice, the economic downturn in Taiwan can be described as worse. Despite repeated mistakes, but Cai Yingwen still claims to be able to make the relationship between Taiwan and the United States to further progress". Support Hilary DW Chinese network reported on November 12th Cai Yingwen "bet on the wrong horse before the election, the leaders of the Taiwan region Cai Yingwen congratulated Trump elected to that the United States is the world’s most democratic countries, Taiwan is the most solid partner, look forward to working with Lang Puxin ruling team, the Taiwan US relations can continue to improve that has become an important cornerstone of maintaining peace and stability in the Asia Pacific region. Taiwan will continue to be a close and reliable partner of the United States, both on regional and global issues, and we are confident that with the joint efforts of the two countries, bilateral friendly and mutually beneficial relations will continue to strengthen. 13, 2009, Cai Yingwen continued in the face book, said she was confident and look forward to working with the new government of Trump, so that Taiwan US bilateral relations can be further progress. But the island continues to question Cai Yingwen in the election before the wrong bet treasure, the future of’s ruling fear of adverse Taiwan. According to Taiwan media reports, Cai Yingwen at the beginning of July return to transit the United States visit ", has called the former US President Bill Clinton, in addition to congratulate · Hilary won the Democratic nomination, but also wished the November election successfully. In addition, in September this year, the Hilary campaign had to Taiwan held a fundraising dinner, is facilitated by the DPP "legislator", even a female government power core through the channel private donations to the Hilary camp, although the female legislators denied, but it also let the outside world that the government more Cai choose to stand in support of Hilary. According to China Taiwan network reported that the 10 day of November 2015, overseas "green overseas" painted a picture of the three little pigs, and transferred to Cai Yingwen, I hope she personally wrote a blessing, and then sent to Hilary. At that time, Cai Yingwen wrote in the picture, TO:Hillary refueling! Elected!" Finally, by the DPP legislators, former governor of Arkansas Li Yingyuan asked Beebe to give to Hilary, then Li Yingyuan’s photos on Facebook, although the photos afterwards was deleted, but Cai Yingwen is betting? Whether or not bet on the wrong treasure? This is determined. Cai Yingwen met with "Trone pood"? The DPP Taiwan legislature for Su Jiaquan 10, said, "the government is not a national election results and any treasure". The same is to refute the "bet gambled", Cai Yingwen’s office was also announced in October this year, Cai Yingwen met with Republican heavyweights, the founder of the foundation of the Buddha’s traditional photo, he is preaching Buddha envoy Trump sent Trone, specially sent on the winter before a general election相关的主题文章: