True love constellation is Aquarius Gouxue tragedies (Figure)-exit safe mode

True love: constellation is Aquarius Gouxue tragedies (Figure) my heart died, I want to you, I just do, also to restrain, put him, but I want to let go of him, but I still secretly think…… Sina constellation users say love to Liancao love is simply the idea that sina constellation Aquarius Pisces is my affliction drama, but Venus in Aries, that is to say, love is a little Aries view of the shadow; the other is Aquarius, we are classmates. The first semester to graduate, he overtake me, he study hard, I was kind of quiet a little bookish person, I think he is thinking about love girl, I think this is the. But I’m older than him, and we have regional differences, ethnic differences, I was minority, so a research time, maybe even know each other, I have the heart, are restrained, feel there are too many congenital do not match, I was a bit pessimistic, afraid to hurt yourself but, because of previous bad experiences, strong self-esteem, rather like roommates, and chasing him, I even take the initiative away. Every day, it is difficult to lay down, seemingly restrained counterproductive, he later approached, the winter when I touched him, he said he didn’t think about it, I’ll never get too close; sometimes I can not help but want to contact him, the reason is nothing more than learning problems, he is there also, very tolerant, but I think love their girls how he would refuse the oppressive restraint again, mentality at that time is the main melody of his face. Because I’m not, winter vacation home let me go blind, you encounter male, it is nice to talk to, I also feel that they should also meet the right person, no other national and regional differences, the work, I go to school, now not only together, this can also be a problem; is there in the bottle can be too wronged, I put too fast, back to school, there seems to be little high-profile, we have know I’m in love, but what I want so simple and happy, I do not understand things, let me grow up once again. And men, I spent some time at home, because our class is relatively small, although I have not too strict; just before I got home, he went home, walking very suddenly. Meet again, is already a month later, we all go back to school, seldom contact each other, the occasional greeting in the dining room, he met, come and have dinner with me, but I really don’t want to fall in love, can’t wait to graduate, flash again to the end, I told him the library, and talk to each other more, I always hope, do not lovers, also a good friend, he is very good to me, the person is also very good, my heart is very grateful to him, I said at the time, we are friends forever. I’m a bit of a bad temper, and I think the men and I have a relationship part company each going his own way, this shortcoming. I then asked him, I feel angry, I just want to listen to the objective evaluation of the boys, because I was feeling bad, let me cherish peace even monotonous life, is really a good friend to ask the other side. He’s probably sensitive, he’s a friend, not so much,.相关的主题文章: