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Marriage-Wedding The proverbial adage clothes maketh a woman is so very untrue for be it a man or a woman, who doesnt want to be the attention magnet, the head turner on ones wedding day. Indeed clothes maketh a man as much as it maketh a woman. In order to don that perfect flawless look on your wedding day, every detail of your styling, from the trivia to the mandatory must be dealt with perfection and precision. And of course, a wedding dress tops the list of such priorities and therefore is the most difficult one too. However, if you go about the selection of your wedding dress methodically and in a planned manner after scores of observation and analysis, youll definitely see that it is not that tough a task as it seems to be. Bride The best part about traditional Indian attire is its versatility. The same saree or lehanga can be draped in numerous ways and designed suitably to give you a look you dreamed for, right from the traditional, elegant, sensuous, delicate, classic and minimalistic to royal or a .bination of all of these. No other wedding dress in any other part of the world can ever be so versatile even when most innovatively designed. In former days, lehanga choli and sarees were worn specifically by a traditional Hindu bride. However, today these wedding dresses are ruling the marriage market and are worn by brides across all .munities and religions because these versatile outfits are being explored by designers everyday and hence, a plethora of options are available to choose from as per the contours of your figure. Moreover, the versatility they allow also has made them the most popular choice among brides. An ideal ensemble these days includes two heavy pieces and one light piece. One can go for a heavy choli and lehanga and a light dupatta, a heavy blouse and petticoat and a light saree or a heavy lehanga and dupatta and a light choli; a heavy saree and petticoat and a light blouse. Versatile lehangas are also hot this wedding season which provide you with the option to .bine it with other dupattas as well so that they can be worn on occasions other than your wedding and are not left unattended in a dark corner of your wardrobe forever after your wedding day. Therefore, just acquaint yourself with the trends that are in vogue and choose the perfect fabric and styling for your lehanga or saree and you will indubitably make the jaws drop. Groom With experimentation being the watch word this season, the new rule for dressing up for your wedding is to break all the existent rules. Like always, sherwanis and suits continue to hold their positions of strongest contenders for groom wear. However, the variety of unconventional colours and styles available, owing to the rigorous experimentation by designers, has added an element of novelty to these wedding attires, making them the most stylish, unconventional and at the same time traditional About the Author: 相关的主题文章: