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To explore the mechanism of   new machine substitutions, the machine to help people "; the traditional regulation to the wisdom of the transformation of Governance — Sichuan channel — original title: Exploring" the creation of the national food safety demonstration city transformation mechanism of new machine substitutions, the machine to help "traditional regulation to the wisdom of governance and create the quality of agricultural products safety county work site (hereinafter referred to as the" two building "scene) second days, representatives from across the country have the on-site inspection of 8 points in the study after stroke. At 3 yesterday afternoon, in Chengdu Xinhua Hotel Conference Center, Sichuan province will create work experience, Liaoning Dalian, Zhejiang Ningbo as a food safety demonstration city to create a pilot typical speech, Shandong Chongqing Shouguang, Rongchang County as the quality and safety of agricultural products to create pilot typical speech. Chengdu municipal government adhere to the work of food safety as a major livelihood projects and political responsibility, earnestly implement the provincial government to deploy, unswervingly implement the "four most stringent requirements, with the creation of the" two "is always the starting point, and actively promote the modernization of the food safety administration, out of the" from farm to table the whole industry chain control, full traceability, global grid supervision "smart food security" road. Promote modern governance crack regulatory resources, Chengdu adhere to the party and government with responsibility, overall planning, high promotion, increase the wisdom of food security organization support and decision support efforts. Set up by the leading group leader to create work leading group, food security strategy, will promote the implementation of the creation of the "two" into the municipal government important schedule; reform and innovation into a comprehensive city governance modernization important connotation; into the national economic and social development planning; "13th Five-Year" into the comprehensive assessment of leading cadres and the Party committee and government the performance appraisal system, assessment score is more than 3% of the total score the goal; at all levels in the financial budget and key support areas, the establishment of a stable investment growth mechanism. It is reported that, in 2016, the city’s financial investment budget arrangements 650 million yuan, of which the city level budget key project funding of $256 million, an increase of over 70%. In the establishment of "smart food security" the main path, Chengdu as a "world of delicacy", food category rich, the traditional process is complicated, with the feature of "big industry, big circulation, large consumption, must adhere to innovation driven, promote modern governance, lack of supervision to crack resources dilemma. According to the new idea of "Internet plus food safety", I actively explore the "machine substitution, machine to help" new intelligent supervision mechanism, accelerate the construction of food safety intelligent perception and response system, and promote the transformation of traditional regulation to the wisdom of governance modern and efficient and interactive. At the same time, the municipal government issued a programmatic document "on the further strengthening of food and drug safety work opinion", to implement the "four two responsibility" as the basis, and strengthen the comprehensive deployment of the city’s food and drug safety, professional construction team to strengthen supervision. The implementation of a series of measures and supporting system, the introduction of traceability management, execution convergence, risk classification and management of more than 40 detailed implementation of the system, and improve the working mechanism, the formation of long-term security. Use of advanced standards at home and abroad from the source相关的主题文章: