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Home-and-Family Does your child need help with his homework? If so, you need to read this article to help them succeed at school and life. Parents and kids have a different perspective about homework. Kids look at homework as something that is not particularly important in their lives, because they are not looking at the big picture. But mainly it is because we parents haven’t treated it as important. Parents look at the big picture. They see the results of missing assignments or poorly done homework on the student’s final grade. They themselves have gone through this in their school years and know of the consequences of bad homework habits. But rarely do parents have a grasp of what to do to change the situation. First thing is organize and set-up a student study area at home. This could be in their bedroom or the spare room down the hall. Make sure it has a .fortable desk and chair. Put a bulletin board on the wall to pin up note cards and reminders. A calendar is easy to use and convenient to post due dates for important assignments. Buy a good lamp so the area is well lit. Next make sure your child has a book shelve .plete with standard reference books such as a dictionary, thesaurus or book of quotes. Usually parents find their kids need help with their homework when they get a report card or a note from the teacher. Bad grades are indicative of poor homework or missed assignments. Before you blow a gasket- .municate. Find out if they have a process to keep up with assignments and due dates. In a lot of cases this can be the sole reason for their poor grade and is easily .municated and changed if done without anger and fear. Teach your kids to list their assignments and due dates on a calendar or agenda. Being organized is a big key to success with homework. Maybe they need a date book or calendar to take to school with them so they can transfer important dates, times and assignments to the calendar in the study area? This is not an easy habit to create over night, by continuing to monitor the students homework and grades parents can get the point across, while ultimately seeing their child do better, because they are keeping organized. Monitor your child’s progress by utilizing the online grading system or online portal. This is easy and helps you the parent to know what your child is doing in school, what assignments are .ing up and how well they did on past assignments. This will enable you to decide if your child needs continual help or maybe an outside tutor. Most schools systems have online portals sometimes called "Parent Connect". They list everything a student and a parent needs in order to stay on track and doing well in school. If your school system doesn’t have an online grading portal email the teacher and stay in contact with him or her until your child shows significant improvement. It helps when talking with your child’s teachers to stay abreast of your student’s progress on a week-to-week basis. See what is holding them back. Maybe they need to change seats, do homework on time or study more for test. Teachers are great. They truly want your child to succeed and will give you feedback and ideas to help your child do better. But you must ask for this information, as teachers are very busy. A direct and practical application of school work is important to help a student see the value of their education. My son plays baseball. So when he wrote a paper on the effects of sleep on sports performance he could see the practical application of his performance on the baseball field. As well, he could see how homework is similar to practice on a baseball team. Remember our children are young and have not in most cases had a wide exposure to the practical aspects of everyday life and how education will supplement and often enhance their understanding of everyday life. So show them. Help your child by teaching them how to proofread their assignments and double-check spelling. Proper spelling and grammar go a long way with teachers as it shows effort on the part of the student to improve their grade. Then have them create a place for their homework. A color-coded notebook for each class or subject is an excellent idea for homework .anization. Make sure all books and notebooks get placed in the child’s book-bag before they go to bed so they can just grab and run in the morning. If you follow the advice in this article and find ways to help your child with his homework they will succeed in their mission of getting a valuable education. One you provided for them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: