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Tianjin airport for the first time that the Note7 does not allow boarding passengers carrying Samsung original title: Tianjin airport for the first time found articles Samsung Note7 according to Xinhua reporter learned from the Tianjin Binhai International Airport, the morning of October 29th, two ready to go to Korea Inchon passengers at the Tianjin Airport International Departure No. 5 Security channel for screening, was found to carry unopened Samsung this is the Samsung Note7 GalaxyNote7 mobile phone, mobile phone to a "no fly", the Tianjin airport for the first time found the mobile phone to the passengers. Because of the recent Samsung Note7 mobile phone in the global scope many abnormal fever, self burning and other issues, for the maintenance of aviation safety, the Civil Aviation Bureau October 26th issued the relevant provisions on the prohibition of carrying the Samsung Note7 mobile phone flight: from 27 onwards, prohibited passengers and crew members carry or carry on baggage Samsung Note7 mobile phone Samsung will be prohibited; Note7 mobile phone placed in checked luggage; Samsung Note7 mobile phone will be prohibited as air cargo transportation. According to the Tianjin airport staff, with the mobile phone of the passengers do not know the new provisions of the Civil Aviation Bureau on Samsung Note7 mobile phone to prohibit carrying, respectively two unopened mobile phone installed in the pocket and a suitcase was originally prepared to go to Inchon to return to South korea. After learning that the relevant provisions of the passengers expressed understanding and support, with the help of screeners, will be handed back to the phone back to bring back. Tianjin airport on the same day also successfully seized another passenger carrying dangerous goods: No. 14 of domestic security channel screeners found a bag of self heating food in passenger baggage, package containing the food, the contents of dangerous goods belonging to class fourth, and water reaction will release a lot of heat and generate flammable gas, the temperature can reach 150 degrees Celsius, 200 degrees Celsius steam. Inform passengers, passengers choose to abandon treatment. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: