This Sexy Eye, only three percent of women have (video) 66814

This "sexy eyes", only three percent of women have it be called "Venus.", is regarded as the body’s sexy eyes. Only young women, male fat evenly proportioned is possible, it is said that this accounts for only three percent of all females. If the back and eyes is called a beautiful mind window, it is the female waist beautiful eyes, with these eyes, God will come! It is the waist. The flank is one of the symbol of the ideal models of the human body, a pair of beautiful waist virtually improved a lot of beauty charm. Do not believe, look at these actresses. The goddess of a shot, they had no! The build is great! Angel face, devil figure. Guo Jizhang international fan flank. Is not very good-looking? Envy? Of flank, there is no conclusion. There are two popular words, one is genetic, and the other is slim. Although we can’t change the condition, but can still practice the flank of the day after tomorrow. Because each stretch between the upper spinous ligament and posterior subcutaneous tissue, and muscle and soft tissue coverage in the region is relatively thin and form visible sag is flank". After all, there must be flanks, still have to lose weight. When you lose weight, subcutaneous fat enough, flank will be revealed. So, girls, move on! < The Body Show4> standing vest line can be acquired?相关的主题文章: