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It’s not pregnant anxious, 10 cases not immediately conceived – Sohu maternal pregnant this matter, is the "right" common result. Sometimes is not a good time to get pregnant, but also hope that we can wait a little oh. 1, the wedding or honeymoon stage, due to fatigue too tired to run around the body is not pregnant. 2, excessive drinking, due to a large number of alcohol can cause intrauterine growth retardation, it should not be conceived. 3, mental stress, high intensity of work pressure, temporarily not pregnant. 4, by the severe mental trauma or excessive grief, depression, not immediately pregnant. 5, just do the X-ray cycle should not be pregnant. 3 months after CT examination should not be pregnant. 6, suffering from genital disease or urinary tract infection disease, before or after treatment is not suitable for pregnancy. 7, suffering from chronic diseases such as hepatitis, thyroid disease, etc., should be in the treatment of illness, such as the stability of the pregnancy. 8, long-term medication should consult a doctor during pregnancy and drug adjustment. 9, the use of long-acting contraceptive drugs in women, after stopping the drug should not be pregnant immediately, because the birth control pill of estrogen, progesterone will affect the development of fetal sexual organs. Recommended withdrawal after half a year of pregnancy. 10, at least months after the abortion and abortion and then try to get pregnant, because the uterus needs at least 3 months of recovery. 2 years after the production of cesarean section pregnancy.   相关的主题文章: