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" " and China; third ethnic song and dance festival was officially launched, people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn original title: " " and China; the third ethnic song and Dance Festival officially launched a news conference reported Exchange Act is approved by the State Council, and writes the "State Council implementation of < held national minority art regularly; People’s Republic of China nationality the law of regional autonomy of ethnic minorities >" some provisions of the major cultural activities. Ethnic culture and art with strong ethnic style, distinctive characteristics and strong flavor of the times in the garden of Chinese culture and become an independent school, The brightness dazzles the eyes. Recently, organized by the working committee of Chinese TV radio and Television Association " China dance — the third national ethnic television song and Dance Festival "activities held in the CCTV star studio. Xinhua news agency, CCTV, Beijing satellite TV and hundreds of media coverage. Activities aimed at protecting, inheriting and innovating, carrying forward the national intangible cultural heritage, enriching the cultural life of the masses and promoting the prosperity of the national culture. China Radio and Television Association, vice chairman of the television work committee, and Hou Qiang, vice president of the China Working Committee, the executive vice president of the Executive Committee, such as the Secretary General of the whole process, such as the participation of Zhu Yusheng, Liu Jiang. During the conference, Geng Weihua, Deng Ruibin, Bel seasons, Jin Lin and many other stars guests visit the site. "Song and dance China" is a set of authoritative, innovative, continuous in one of the large international exchange activities brand, many times by the government at home and abroad to host large-scale international exchange activities. This event will become the effective carrier of the national literary and art workers, mining, sorting, inherit and carry forward the development of the fine traditional culture of ethnic minorities, more works on ethnic art theme creation of the review stage. It is reported that the event will be held on November in Beijing starlight film and television Park, when the national finalists will represent the national team to participate in the finals and the national song and Dance Gala recording. CCTV13 news channel, Beijing TV will be filmed and special reports, video sites will be broadcast live. (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: