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"There was a set of" the Beijing Premiere of Du Weihan was not stop kissing Du Weihan in the entertainment Sohu – "once upon a time there was a set of" premiere Du Weihan live big game show Du Weihan and director, starring other Sohu entertainment news on September 27th, by the faction niche starring Du Weihan youth film "once upon a time there was a set of" held a premiere at the Beijing Film Academy the conference, director Wang Zhuowei, starring Du Weihan, Yin Hang, Zuo Li, Chen Xinling, Liu? Etc. all the scene, interact with the audience, the scene jokes constantly. From the time Du Weihan chains every day on Monday to see the film tells the story of Du Weihan’s high school boys Du Tianyi found time to be fixed, wake up each morning is also a Monday, then began a period of days of struggle. Among these things constantly, the youth breath blowing. "There was a set of" Du Weihan "after the Youth Drama rush of that year, the film" campus "goodbye time" after the role of three degrees in senior high school students, and in the film, he will continue to humor, funny, funny character, character interpretation of high school students to bring you a humorous daily, real and unique the youth campus comedy. The film after the screening, the scene is very enthusiastic response, the ingenious, full of fresh film excellent young the moment to meet the preferences of the audience, it will definitely gain public praise. Du Weihan led the magic scene big game show broadcast gymnastics in the preview interview link, Du Weihan was broke and female stars two Chen Xinling shot did not stop kissing". In this regard, Du Weihan shouted "wronged", it is the director did not call a halt, you also had been kissed. In the interactive session that followed, Du Weihan show their superb skills, handsome charm of sunshine, the site attracted bursts of cheers. At the end of the premiere, the stars also led the fans with the start of the broadcast gymnastics, with the magic of the Divine Comedy Music audience more than hilarious. As director Wang Zhuowei said, in addition to youth experience, "there was a set of" more is to bring a kind of thinking: if you can go back to a moment, we are not able to better see your heart, learn to cherish and grasp the moment. Maybe the whole film is Du Tianyi’s conjecture, but the audience is under the leadership of Du Weihan, to find their own shadow…… It is reported that the film will be released on October, and the time of the game who wins who negative? Let’s find the answer in the film!相关的主题文章: