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There are 4 kinds of mother "the most terrible! They will destroy their children – a few days ago, with the background of the small Sohu maternal Po mom chat, met a treasure mother she is a typical acute, always angry husband rushed It is without rhyme or reason. Later, in a chat, asked her parents, the result is exactly the same, her mother with her temper, her father also love to yell. Mother and daughter two people not only the same character, and even the state of marriage are almost, the relationship between husband and wife is not a matter of a day and two days of tension. There is an old saying Chinese, called "Like father,like son., it must have its female parent" means that parents psychological recognition must be a tyrannical tyrannical father son, mother will always have a powerful daughter, we always inadvertently act as children’s example, shaping a children’s character, and affect the psychological development of children. Excellent character, of course, should be respected, relatively poor character also need to be corrected in time, such as the following four types of mother’s character is very terrible"! 1 cold harsh mother: easy to raise a lonely child mother performance: some single mother, in the emotional performance of very cold. They may not have wanted a child, perhaps subconsciously to see their children as the root cause of their misfortune. This mother rarely hold the child, the child is very strict, usually a lack of good parent-child emotional dredge channels, the child’s response is indifferent. Children’s mentality: children grow up in this environment, it is easy to be molded into a lonely child. Lonely children are often afraid of intimate contact, because the desire to cling to her mother often fails, and that: I do not need love. In the heart of a lonely child, there may be a false self, seemingly independent, but in fact has a negative personality. Growing pains: lonely children are usually indifferent and even cold, lack of passion for life and the pursuit of. They are usually successful in their careers, lack of material needs, independent and tolerant. However, their marriage life is usually full of twists and turns. The spouse is often complaining to people, poikilotherm indifferent, mostly solitary personality. A small weapon: the child is a great need for love and touch, touch and embrace and even in foreign countries, is an important means to treat children with autism, mother deliberately isolated children, to ignore them, to him from others, are justified. After all, your child is brought to the world, you need to be responsible for him. 2 control type: easy to raise a child mother mother mother: some avoidant performance out of love for the child’s instinct, or because it is difficult to control your life and fear of abandoned fear, and excessive attachment to the child, the mother desire to fully control the child’s behavior, and unbearable moment and separation of children. Child mentality: this situation is particularly vulnerable to distance children. They are not afraid to be close, but they are always careful to keep their distance from others; they allow their mothers to hold them, but at the same time they always turn their faces away from their mothers. Because they are too close to be able to escape from their mother’s control. Growing pains: the distance between children and adults!相关的主题文章: