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There are 11 listed companies invested heavily in "small town" to engage in the game industry Eyou town renderings yesterday, the first China game industry forum held in Shangyu, which indicates that the Shangyu games as a production base for the future China, have begun xianshanloushui. Gao Xinmin, vice chairman of the China Internet association, said that in the next 35 years, to make China’s most popular online games, are labeled "made in Shangyu" label. Shangyu online game industry, is also the case for more than a year, for Shangyu, this is a zero basis, from industry, now has a coarse scale, what is the reason, let Shangyu want to create such a feature of the town? A year ago the district government in Jiangxi coast drew Cao’e a piece of land in Shangyu District of Shaoxing City, a total of 11 companies listed in the territory of the enterprise, mainly manufacturing machinery and equipment, chemical, lighting appliances, a quite large proportion of contribution for Shangyu GDP. In July 2015, Shangyu district government set aside in a Jiangxi bank Caoejiang about 2.8 square kilometers of land, everyone is talking about at the time: I do not know which companies to expand production? Before long, we only know that this land to build a "Eyou town". What is this? In fact, Eyou town is not the administrative divisions of the concept, but a focus on gaming, mobile social networking, e-commerce, internet education, tourism and other intelligence in information economy, the new format feature of the town. Eyou town based on the concept of a background: the domestic online game industry was the explosive growth, the 2015 National Games market revenue reached about 140000000000 yuan, while the domestic game industry lack of distinctive platform in Shangyu, the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, the layout of the game industry platform at the right time. In September last year, a total investment of 6 billion 350 million yuan in the town officially started. "Out of thin air" emerging industry after a busy year, Gu Xiaoxiao deputy director responsible for the project construction of the city street slowly has emboldened. 2016 Spring Festival, Gu Xiaoxiao pushes all zouqingfangyou arrangements, every two days will be settled and town enterprises meet, chat site construction and investment. He is in the town of Xinlimeidi, because the game industry in the local infrastructure is almost zero, and even can be said to be "out of thin air, but Gu Xiaoxiao is also pleased, for a period of time after the Spring Festival of light, he received seven or eight groups of people to study. Planning a new industry, only courage is not enough, need more confidence. In recent years, Shangyu local listed companies through cross-border mergers and acquisitions, based on the original auto parts, chemical industry, develop the second industry, are aimed at the online games industry. Century Huatong has acquired seven day tour software, cool network and Shanghai Shanda equity, and to issue shares and cash payment of $13 billion 500 million, Mobile Games and Little Cayman in mergers and acquisitions of equity. Zhejiang Jinke letter to 2 billion 900 million yuan acquisition of Hangzhou zhe (mobile game company), Zhejiang golden shield, Wolong real estate enterprises also have action, showing a large enterprises and industrial agglomeration "magnetic" effect. More than a year later, Eyou town is gradually taking shape: 2015 investment 1 billion 943 million; 1-8 months of this year invested 1 billion 610 million yuan, located in the town of Eyou enterprises reached 87. Why should the industry take the lead in the game industry? For a long time, Shangyu.相关的主题文章: