The world’s first lithium battery traction air suspension type rail train developed –

The world’s first lithium battery traction air suspension type rail train developed – Beijing Sichuan online news (reporter Luo Xiangming) in September 30th, the world’s first lithium battery power pack for traction power of air suspension trains to complete development, held a ceremony at Seton Shuangliu District of Chengdu city. This has a completely independent intellectual property rights of the new modern transportation system, into a comprehensive test of the performance indicators of the stage, the future is expected to become an important complement to the three-dimensional space traffic pattern. The new energy hanging empty, consisting of two cars, 18 meters long, 2.3 meters wide, the appearance design of the giant panda looks like, the whole hanging in a box of the track beam, looks a bit like a cable car. 300 m test track beam, about 8 meters from the ground, supported by the interval of 10 meters in the air column support. Empty inside similar to the subway, full load carrying 220 passengers, with the blue tone, LED station sign, two a cab. At 10:30 in the morning, reporters boarded the empty, empty experience start, slowly moving forward, sitting inside very smooth, almost hear what noise. However, only about 10 km per hour speed, very slow. The staff, empty the design speed of 60 kilometers per hour, because the test track beam is only 300 meters, plus before entering the test results, thus temporarily not fast. From the technical point of view, next year will be able to put into commercial operation." Academician of the Academy of Sciences, China new energy chief designer, chief of empty iron Southwest Jiaotong University professor Zhai Wanming introduction, this row of empty hanging line successfully, means that China has become the master technology in Germany and Japan after the country, and the former two different is that this row of empty combination of new energy technologies, using lithium battery pack as the traction power, does not need the task of high voltage electric equipment transmission power, and thus more green, energy saving and environmental protection. At present, a charge of electricity for 2 to 4 hours of continuous operation, set up charging pile in the big platform, can charge at any time. According to reports, at the beginning of 2016, the basic research group, empty iron market in the years of demonstration projects and pre technology research and development, organization of all forces to focus on technology research, led by Southwest Jiao Tong University State Key Laboratory of traction power, combined with Chinese, China in Panzhihua Zhongche iron, Steel Corp and other seven large state-owned enterprise collaborative development, the formation of a new the energy of empty iron production and research integration platform for collaborative projects, only six months time, to complete the design, manufacture, and thread. "The safety of the vehicle is very high, and the bogie and the lithium battery power pack are arranged inside the closed box beam." Zhai Wanming introduced, in addition to the maximum suspension empty new energy in energy saving and environment protection, and occupies less adaptability, less investment, short construction period and other advantages of fast transport capacity is moderate, the future can be used for high-speed rail connection between the airport, city specific regional transportation connection, scenic tourist center and the entrance between transport etc.. Empty according to actual needs, from 1 cars to 6 cars, random grouping.相关的主题文章: