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The women’s festival into big get-together of old and new coach clangour gathered [collection] Chinese women’s 1-0 Ren GUI Xin won the Danish a wave of the world sports Tencent in Guangzhou in November 14th (the Zhang Nan) Beijing time on the evening of November 14th, 2016, the National Women’s Football Association China awards ceremony held in Guangzhou, and the women’s festival once a year not only attracted the most active in the League excellent football players, and served as the team manager and sonorous rose back. It is not so much an award ceremony, it is more like a big women’s football. The women’s awards ceremony held today this ceremony is the most fun for the women’s football coach Bruno, in his mouth often mention the word "sonorous rose", he has been a group of old women who respected China. In today’s ceremony, the 11 old women and a human female female super team awards, even this has been reserved for French people holding mobile phone kept taking pictures. In addition to Bruno, former coach Chinese women attended, Shang Ruihua, Ma Yuanan coefficient, Ma Lianghang, even has left the team to coach Hao Wei to Hengda in training today after running, to attend the ceremony today. Players of different ages have also found their old coaches talk, Bai Jie, Liu Ying, Shui Qingxia, Gao Hong, Zhao Lihong, Wang Liping, the then hit "sonorous rose" the spirit of the old women players are now still fighting in the women’s jobs, though they have entered middle age, but everyone in high and vigorous spirits. Old style. A few people met around the coach Ma Yuanan photo, still feeling like more than and 20 years ago deep. Ma Xiaoxu, this is Shang Ruihua in some quaint sand that young players now have become the old players, Shang Ruihua sees a quaint sand didn’t even recognize: "hey! Really beautiful! When you don’t know that playing dress up, exposed to the weather in the field all day, now learn to dress up." Then, the old players who retired sonorous rose finger Shang Ruihua said: "you see them, a retired dress up more beautiful!" The sonorous rose the youngest player today is the transfiguration of Pu Wei host, a red skirt, with perfect figure and eloquence, stunning the audience. Hao Wei side, is Tan Ruyin and Ren Guixin which he excavated the team in time. If today’s awards ceremony, the biggest surprise than Ma Xiaoxu, because the most goals, the best shooter’s honor has long been her pocket. Bi Xiaolin’s outstanding performance this season, the best goalkeeper has no suspense. But before the ceremony, no one knows who the best athletes will win. Just come to get the best striker trophy is not seated, the host site announced the best athlete Ma Xiaoxu won the honor, she looked startled. Speaking on the podium with the feelings of football, he also almost tears. Unfortunately, she and quaint sand, Bi Xiaolin will fly to Beijing for tomorrow to Beijing Normal University in the school exams this evening, or at the end of the season several people won honor can also be a celebration in Guangzhou. The 2016 women’s award winners & a guest list, outstanding award: 1) Division: (1) female super: Shanghai Jian相关的主题文章: