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The woman was sitting in the winter to adopt abandoned baby boiling water pot dying (Figure) – Beijing – injured Yao Yao to recover as soon as possible. The figure – the newspaper’s chief reporter Wang Fengwei clean and clear eyes, rosy face, chubby little hands…… In front of this lovely baby called Yao Yao, 1 and a half years. He was so unlucky, but so lucky. Unfortunately, due to the newborn abandoned by their parents; fortunately he was kind-hearted mother adoption. However, good days before the start of encounter unexpected trouble, a month ago, Yao Yao was severely burned and sent to the provincial capital of treatment. A serious injury and high medical expenses, instantly overwhelmed was very poor in the family. 1 and a half years old baby fell into the boiling water pot burns mother called Hu Xizhen, 65 years old, who lives in the south of Jingxing County Town Village Branch of sand barrier in a cave. In September 30th this year, 12 am, lunch time, Hu Xizhen used the electromagnetic oven on the ground to burn a pot of water to boil the noodles, 1 and a half years old small Yao Yao in the room to play alone. When the water boiled, Hu Xizhen was ready to go to the next room to get noodles. Suddenly, she heard a small Yao Yao cry, "when I saw the child when he was sitting in a pot of boiling water in the hot tears……" Hu Xizhen invited the neighbors to send their children to the local hospital. Due to heavy injuries, October 6th Yao Yao Yao was transferred to the provincial capital. October 21st, Yao Yao Yao referral to the Hebei friendship hospital. "When the child was come not breathing, chest and abdomen floating is extremely serious, and difficulty in breathing." Shi Longjie, a specialist in the Department of burns and plastic surgery, said: "through careful and thorough examination, we found that the whole body of the child was severely burned at 15% degrees (three degrees), and at the same time, it was very dangerous." Shi Longjie said: 15% of the body’s total of three degree burns, equivalent to the size of the child’s palm of the hand of the 15 cases of granulation wounds exposed. Yesterday, after careful preparation before operation, the hospital is small Yao Yao for the first time, skin grafting. "The operation was very successful, we will consider the child’s recovery, and then decide whether a second skin graft surgery." Shi Longjie said. Born abandoned was adopted mother referred to small Yao Yao’s life, Hu Xizhen used three consecutive "mingku". In February 2015, doctor Hu Xizhen to Shanxi city of Yangquan province Pingding county. When walking to the old town near Shanxi, Hu Xizhen found a paper box in the side of the road, which is lying just a baby born. There was blood on the child, the umbilical cord has not fallen off." Hu Xizhen said: "on both sides of the road is full of land, there is no one shadow." In order to feed this to pick up the baby, Hu Xizhen is not easy, "I have two acres of land, the annual income of about 2000 yuan, plus the village to pension not more than 3000 yuan, basically bought the child milk." Hu Xizhen said. Actually, Hu Xizhen has a son and a daughter. In the face of picking up the "brother", his son and daughter initially opposed, because the elderly age, and then there is the family is not rich. Fortunately, Hu Xizhen finally persuaded the children. "I adopted this child, and my life is also a great deal"相关的主题文章: