The whole building is generally residential crack at home often heard click (Figure) –

The whole building is generally residential crack at home often heard "click" (Figure) – Beijing, Neijiang city Shanghua city 6 residents of most households are wall cracks, cracks are built for protection on the level of uplift wall tile more than and 10 days ago, Neijiang city Shanghua city district residents 6 floor tenants home window glass door broken piece, but only a small amount of slag off, caused no injuries. But the residents and other residents of residential buildings suspect, which is related to the prevalence of cracks in the residential building wall. According to tenants, the building has been admitted to the building for 7 years, since the discovery of wall cracks in 2012, the majority of households have cracks in the wall. Yesterday, the Neijiang municipal housing and Urban Construction Bureau relevant responsible person told the reporter, the appraisal agencies, the ground floor wall cracks in residents Department of long-term water immersion state, resulting in the foundation uneven settlement caused by the problem of security of the main structure of the house has been built into effect. According to the conclusion of the appraisal organization, the foundation and the main structure of the residential building should be repaired and strengthened as soon as possible. Currently, the housing sector has set up a working group to deal with the matter. The news window glass broken suspected wall deformation caused by extrusion in August 10th 15, Shanghua City No. 6 residential building 3 unit 6 floor balcony windows Ma glass door suddenly broken, but dropped the glass broken slag less, not to hurt people. The evening of August 23rd, Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters came to mr.. Mr. Ma for 6, 7 floor, 6 floor and 7 storey apartment layout, floor balcony windows are installed is 1.2 cm thick tempered glass. The reporter saw, reinstall the 6 floor windows have not broken the glass door. Mr. Ma said, 1 months ago, he found the 6 floor balcony window glass door cannot be opened normally, then found the 7 floor of the glass door can not be opened. He suspected that the cracks in the wall leading to deformation of the wall, resulting in uneven stress of the glass was crushed and broken. Daily economic news reporter noted that Mr. Ma’s two storey house living room, bedroom, bathroom and other positions of the wall and even the beams have different degrees of cracks, which are through the cracks in the wall. Reporter survey the whole building 1 floor tile cracks generally appear uplift of 6 residents of the residents reflect the whole building common wall cracks. The building was submitted in 2009, the building was built on a slope, a total of 7 units of 4 units of 48, currently in the family of 45. Reporters in the 3 units of the 7 households found in the home, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. have varying degrees of cracks, cracks at a width of about 2 mm. There is a crack through the entire wall, some of the same position on the back wall cracks. Unit 3 staircase 1 floor and 1 floor of a household bathroom tile also uplift. According to the residents said that the residents of the building since 2012 have been found in the wall cracks, the initial cracks less and more thin, that is the problem of decoration. Last year, many households have found cracks in the wall and mostly for the cracks, only to reflect the relevant departments. Neijiang Municipal Housing Bureau responsible person said, in November last year相关的主题文章: