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"The voice" Sohu Lee Guangzhu hit "girlfriend" twists and turns. – Entertainment Sohu   "heart" sounds of Lee Guangzhu stills Sohu entertainment news by Lee Guangzhu, Jeong Somin, Jin Bingyu, Jin Meijing, Jin Daming starred in the comedy "the voice" [] the opera is the Sohu video hit, the play to non members of each Monday update two sets, gold membership and South Korea simultaneously broadcast mode. Last week, one or two members of the collection on the line after the harvest of a significant laugh fruit, actor Lee Guangzhu is by virtue of the wonderful comedy performance in the show was boarded the micro-blog hot search list of second. Users have said: This Terrier shop too full, feeling every minute is a point of laughter, for the upcoming on-line non member three or four is also full of expectations. Lee Guangzhu changed MOE professor was pig teammate brother pit miserable third, the episode is still the continuation of the story before the devil’s full style of the four, the brain hole big enough to imagine. In the third episode, played by Lee Guangzhu Zhao Shi entrusted by the people promised to help go to class attendance, results are not clear in his embarrassment to emergency frequent, the implementation of "one second professor" and "measures poker-faced nonsense", and "hapless" Zhao Shi’s miserable substitute journey is far from over, want to be lazy but Cleverness may overreach itself., privacy in front of students do not know they are completely completely unmasked…… In addition, travel abroad not only with brother Zhao Shi video call home jiquanbuning exhortations, while Zhao Shi went out on the occasion of the students and the classroom to a "lifetime" communication, not only to an uproar, Zhao Shi after back is open mouthed astonishment…… Every reversal was taken off guard, so that people can not stop laughing.   "the voice" substitute "please answer" Lee Guangzhu classic comedy "love girlfriend Terrier reproduction Phoenix" in addition to on-line will Wulitou funny twists and turns in the end of the Zhao Shi family, Fourth "love girlfriend Zhao Shi Feng" finally debut, but after listening to the Zhao Shi Feng is very suitable for love "short hair, cute girls" description, then there was a great crowd every hair, seemed like a love like chicken, but they are not, this let Zhao Shi find love Phoenix is full of twists and turns, but also a careless suffer pain, many have been set in advance to see this member users wit found that the "universal guess story of the plot in the world is Korean" please answer "series of classic episodes, and a guest star is to set the new unlock plus enough dirt. What kind of image will appear? What will happen to Zhao Shi in her life? November 21st please lock Sohu video voice of the heart, third, four set.相关的主题文章: