The village director do send bulk 8 years to earn 1 million 600 thousand counterfeit brother-in-law -ekdv-273

The village director do send bulk 8 years to earn 1 million 600 thousand brother-in-law Hebei village director from earth in the village for the elderly to acquire asthma drugs, buy their own grain into powder, the brother-in-law sent to Fushun transit logistics, northeast counterfeit monopoly. Offline, online small advertising, publicity everywhere asthma "God medicine", director of the village for 8 years to earn 1 million 600 thousand, although the village director has been jailed, but this kind of "God medicine" can still be found online. More than 35 boxes of counterfeit involving 4400 Duowancun director of earth doing fake is the Hebei city of Cangzhou province Miao village Cangxian a former director of the village committee, 2002 seedlings from the village an old man at the soil at a prescription for treating asthma not long after the death of the elderly, the son of a vaccine for thinking to make money with this prescription. From the beginning of 2004, seedlings began to use the production of counterfeit prescription sold from the pharmacy to buy a large number of seedlings of oxytetracycline, licorice, diazepam, chlorpheniramine, prednisone, Chuanbei, these drugs a purchase is four or five grain. After the buy back, a vaccine according to a certain proportion in the sack, and then transported to a processing workshop in the town of weathering, due to a vaccine was the director of the village committee, the villagers did not dare to say what, in a sack of the price of five yuan for the seedlings of a medicine grain into powder. Miao to a number of drugs for the treatment of asthma called "quell scattered", "root cough scattered", loaded into a capsule called "quell scattered capsule" and "root cough scattered capsule". These pills, powder each bag weighs about 20 grams, the cost of 3 yuan, sold 6 yuan per pack; capsule 40 pills per bottle, cost 6 yuan, sold 12 yuan per bottle. Every time the grain into powder to get home, and his wife together to seedlings of a powder pack, two a day can hold about 2000 packages. I heard a lot of the seedlings suffering from asthma patients, through to the northeast city some hire payment of small ads or sell drugs in the mouth, if the patient wants to buy medicine, through small ads on the phone with a vaccine, then a vaccine from the Hebei post to take the medicine. In addition to selling their manufacturing of counterfeit drugs, a vaccine also from other hand bought counterfeit drugs, the sale price. When the transfer to Fushun brother-in-law later because of Cangzhou city on the local sales of counterfeit check was particularly serious, a vaccine had to sell drug dens shifted to Fushun, 2004, seedlings of a brother-in-law Zhang house in the home, with the seedlings of a brother-in-law borrowed 50 thousand yuan, to pay off debts, but also to avoid fines, down to Zhang Fushun in the seedlings of a proposal. A vaccine in Fushun area for Zhang he rented a cottage, by Zhang in Fushun around the city issued a small ad, there is a vaccine contact and bank account on small ads, if people want to buy medicine, go directly to the post office to seedlings of a remittance, and then put the medicine to a vaccine in Fushun Zhang then, by Zhang to give to the hands of customers, if there is the other city of customer to the goods, and the goods sent by a vaccine by Zhang, Zhang to have the goods sent to customers, the annual seedlings to Zhang 10 thousand yuan wages and 5000 yuan in funding, other income was a seedling in the bag. Later, the management of the postal system is more and more strict, requiring Zhang to mail the goods must provide business license and other documents, Miao and do a fake business license and two seals to zhang.相关的主题文章: