The United Nations General Assembly adopted the New York Declaration on refugees and migration-pretty rhythm

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the New York Declaration on refugees and immigrants – Sohu news local time on September 13th, the seventy-first session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the opening of the United Nations Headquarters. China News Agency reporter Liao Pan photo China News Agency, the United Nations on 19 September, (reporter Deng Min) high level meeting is being held in the United Nations Headquarters in New York to solve the problem of mass flow of refugees and immigrants (referred to as the "summit" of refugees and immigration), 19 officially through the "New York declaration" refugee and immigration issues, made a series of commitments for the refugees and the establishment of a comprehensive response to immigrants, refugees frame etc.. On the same day at half past eight in the morning, the United Nations refugee and immigration summit opened in New York United Nations Headquarters, this is the first time in the history of the United Nations meeting of heads of state and government level of high-end summit to deal with refugees and immigrants. According to the latest statistics from the United Nations, the world has more than 65 million refugees, and another 244 million immigrants. Since World War II the biggest wave of refugees not only plagued the Middle East conflict countries and regions, but also to European and American countries brought a series of political, security and social issues. World leaders gathered in New York on 19, hoping to reach a global consensus on the settlement of refugees. The seventy-first session of the General Assembly President Thomsen at the opening ceremony, said: "we are now facing the most serious humanitarian crisis since World War II, tens of thousands of people seeking asylum and immigration has encountered hostility and hatred and." Thomsen promised to promote the United Nations to fulfill their commitments in term of Neidun, and solve the problem of refugees and immigrants to promote the convening of Intergovernmental Meeting on 2018. The summit co chairman Lykkentoft said: "in our meeting at the same time, millions of people are migrant, the scale of hitherto unknown despair and pain, they encounter has been pounding our conscience, prompted us to make a global response to this global challenge." The meeting site, from Indonesia’s immigration? Les tower? Yiannis Anderson? ADI told his fellow nanny do for a living in overseas but not the protection of the rights and dignity of refugees in Syria experience, Mohammed of Holland? Badran said: "we face every day, anger and fear, contempt and underestimate, each fan the doors are closed to us." When asked "If today issued badran leaders in this world cannot find the solution to the delegates, so the summit and other useless summit again?" , the scene sounded enthusiastic applause and response. With President Thomsen’s hammer, the 193 member of the United Nations formally adopted the outcome document of the summit "refugee and immigration New York declaration". This will ensure that the declaration emphasizes human centered, sensitive, humanity, dignity and purpose of promoting gender equality quickly receive all personnel arrived at the home, especially the large-scale flow of personnel, whether refugees or immigrants, will ensure full respect and protect their human rights and fundamental freedoms. The declaration list of the world’s refugees and immigrants set up a series of commitments, the global refugee problem response framework, shall receive and accept refugees and other measures, and strive to pass a refugee problem in the global compact in 2018. Meanwhile, the declaration also said it will start this year相关的主题文章: