The ultimate protection of stealth car paint

Invisible protective paint car paint coat ultimate compared to the vehicle, like a face for the individual, smooth and shining paint can give people a good impression, is the owner of the face. The importance of car paint is self-evident! But the car is very fragile car paint, the sun and the wind, high-speed flying and hail days are likely to make the paint color, or scratch off. The use of better quality car paint, car paint maintenance is a problem that every car owners have to face. But after the purchase of the car, more is the face of car paint maintenance problems. Car paint maintenance is not a once and for all, just as you need to wash your face every day, car paint maintenance also need to cycle. Many people often run car beauty shop waxing chejueshi remind you actually don’t need new stealth car clothing, namely, paint a transparent protective film can maximize the vehicle maintenance cycle, to paint more layer of protection. We take a look at the current market on the common car paint maintenance methods: in recent years, the increasingly serious environmental problems in the country, the traditional car paint maintenance effect greatly reduced the duration of car paint maintenance is facing more severe challenges. As the latest technology products stealth clothes, a born but scored user "grace" Why are there so much magic? The function of protecting hidden car clothing | unique to the car "wear" stealth suit, is actually attached to a layer of transparent paint protective film on the surface of the car like mobile phone to the principle screen protection film toughened paste. This is a magical protective film, he composed of 3 layers of polymer materials, worthy of our attention is the surface of a special material, when we touch it, it will be deformed, when the sun light irradiation (heating) and interaction of the second layer special drawing material, this kind of special material would like a spring is automatically restored to the original shape. This is different from the traditional plating, car wax and other protective film, once the traditional protective film damage, damage is permanent. We tested in a chejueshi auto service shop, in order to show the paint transparent protective film strength, service shop workers took a screwdriver on the protective film scratch, invisible garment surface without any scratch. But chejueshi staff also reminded that although the protective film can prevent scratching, but only about 2 mm thick protective film, it is best not to use too sharp objects scratching. The stealth clothes | strength shows paint "moist and white" invisible car clothing not only to protect the paint, to restore the paint the true color. The main materials used PU, PVC (also known as TPU, PPF) on the production requirements of the most demanding, even the special glue must reach the optical level, anti yellowing color. At the same time, good paint transparent protective film will be through a special process, so as to achieve good brightening effect. Invisible garment | strong tangible economic in addition to general manager Yan chejueshi: when the vehicle has slight impact, due to the protection of the cloak, paint rarely damaged, with the latest depression, no scar repair repair technology, saves time and effort, of course the customer is cheaper. At the same time, we also note that because the invisible garment for a complete package of the car, the car paint and the air was completely isolated, the oxidation resistance, waterproof, anti aging etc. compared with traditional paint curing also has a positive performance. Invisible。相关的主题文章: