The typhoon ravaged Jiangsu moranti remnants of heavy rain and wind double warning issued-win7codecs

The typhoon ravaged Jiangsu moranti remnants of heavy rain and wind warning issued two "Meranti" remnants of raging 16, "Meranti" remnants of raging across Jiangsu heavy rainfall. In the morning, Jiangsu meteorological department has issued orange rainstorm warning and yellow warning. Meteorological department monitoring shows that 15 to 16 am to 5, the majority of precipitation in Jiangsu Province, where rainfall along the Yangtze River and South of Jiangsu to heavy rain, local heavy rain. Among them, the maximum rainfall occurs in Danyang Stuart Town, up to 173 mm. Meteorological department said the typhoon "Meranti" has weakened into a tropical depression, but the interactions of peripheral circulation and cold air, precipitation echo swept Jiangsu. There will be a heavy rain for 16 days in between Huaihe River and coastal areas, in some areas of heavy rain, local heavy rainfall, and may be accompanied by strong convective strong precipitation weather. 16 to 17, the cumulative rainfall between 50~150 mm along the Huaihe River, along the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River, local 250~300 mm; in other areas, the local 50 mm 10~30 mm. 16 to 17, there will be east to northeast winds, land 5~9 class, coastal sea level 9~11. At 9:44 this morning, Jiangsu meteorological observatory issued orange rainstorm warning signal. The next 12 hours, Yancheng, southern Huaian, northern Taizhou and Eastern Nantong region will be more than 50 mm rainfall in 3 hours; northern Huaian, southern Taizhou, northern Yangzhou, Nanjing, Changzhou, Zhenjiang and Nantong in the western region will be 6 hours more than 50 mm of precipitation. 11:51 issued a strong yellow warning signal. Expected within the next 24 hours, Yancheng, Nantong, Taizhou, northern Nanjing, Yangzhou, southern Huaian and eastern regions of the wind gusts may be more than 8 winds. Author: Cui Jiaming相关的主题文章: