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The twelfth Beijing international sports film screenings of Zhou Gongyi rave reviews – Sohu entertainment "hit the station" to meet the creative Sohu entertainment news on October 29th, the twelfth session of the Beijing international sports film screenings of Zhou Gongyi last game in the CGV star international studios ended, five day event, there are 12 domestic tours of the appearance, excellent workmanship, rich in content and full of humane care, full of self transcendence spirit of the domestic and foreign film and television works to participate in, and held a meeting with the film creative salon, let the public enjoy sports television works at the same time, feel the movement of light charm. The atmosphere overflowing the twelfth session of the Beijing international sports film week during the twelfth session of the Beijing international sports film week colorful theme Sharon meeting, held "strikes", "peak", "Yuezhan ran out of Spain", "I like it" and many other films meet the creative. At the same time, hold the "sports story move", "a new starting point, new opportunities — new media platform of the new sports movie" salon. Film creative team to share the story behind the scenes, and at the same time, film critic, sports people, outstanding student representatives from all walks of life on the sports television works a theme selection, creation, marketing, sports theme film and television creative work conducted in-depth exchanges, has made a huge response. Excellent films charity screenings continued to gain social praise from all walks of life the twelfth session of the Beijing international sports film week carried out during the synchronization process of public screenings of 12 films from around the world. Participate in the screening of the total of 6 films from overseas, including Russia, Italy, Norway, UK, USA, Germany, several countries across Asia, Europe three continents, and the theme is extremely rich, including figure skating, volleyball, ski jumping and other sports, the type of film to documentary, story and other forms and by the public attention, the screenings sold All seats are occupied. Screenings of films are: Sochi Olympic official film "ring world" "ring world" by skillful documentary practices, chose 32 characters, with sports as the unit into 17 story chapters, shows the Olympic Games from the opening to the closing of all sports, is a part of the Olympic spirit throughout the entire film Olympic official documentary. The Sochi winter Paralympic Games Official Movie "sports spirit" and Paralympic Games has always been like twins like existence, people for virtuosity Olympic athletes feel shocked, also not because of the wonderful performance of the Paralympic athletes and moved to tears. As the 2014 Sochi Paralympic Winter Games official documentary, "the spirit of sport" chose 8 outstanding Paralympic athletes, tells the story of their belonging to 7. "Italy ice opera" "ice opera" will be the most beautiful and most elegant combination of art, interpretation of the Verona famous ancient arena interpretation of aesthetic dance show. "Ice opera" accompanied by a symphony orchestra, male and female singer common interpretation of the sometimes high, sometimes Pathetique music, on the ice with high difficulty movement, beautiful and smooth相关的主题文章: