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A single dog opened the right double eleven can also open a single dog right way double eleven — a person’s travel (domestic articles) and I know that you don’t want to just buy buy buy, but also to see the seller’s face; and I know that you want to have a chance to crush her heroic empty shopping cart I know you and I; in fact, in addition to the mechanical work in two line, also want to let go of center, open the wallet, a go to travel. Today, the opportunity to double, eleven is not the travel peak, not summer vacation is a good time, a tourist season is not fast, a single dog, exclusive travel, four domestic destinations featured as you take. No1.   the soul on the road, "a person needs to hide how many secrets, in order to live through the clever," a person’s travel, the most talked about is Tibet. Want to take the train to see the city of sunlight in Lhasa, see the soul of Tibet Potala Palace, the highest peak in the world of Mount Qomolangma, the center of the world of Okahito Namisai, the last human fam Brahmaputra Grand canyon… The nature silently into the extraordinary as if done by the spirits, the soul of the people, want to find out. If you really want to go out, Tibet will bring you full of shock. Source: @cielmoom image source: @cielmoom image source: @cielmoom No2.   explore the road in Xinjiang must be color. The cold and warm tone here switching properly, Xia Youxia’s warm, cold winter has winter su. It has its passion, it has its edges and corners, it has its charm, but also its unique. Don’t go to see the lake into a spruce reflected to the painting of Kanas, not to see the full of grapes and wine in Turpan, not to see the forest grassland Nalati, melons and fruits to Kashi, not to look at the mysterious ancient Kroraina, not to see the blooming flowers on the grassland bayinbuluke… All that you know and feel is one-sided. Photograph: fish travel photograph: fish travel photograph: No3.   @ honey pot; delicacy on the road have to say, if you come to Chengdu, could not help but to second or three times or more. Taste the great Chinese food, I think Sichuan cuisine can be described as a real bargain. My best friend told me time and time again, take me to Chengdu again, as long as you live near your school, eat it for half a month, very satisfied. Eat only what is Sichuan Hot pot dish oil, eat sad to know what is "sad", eat Yulin Chuanchuan Xiang know what is called the number sign, eat the old linen chaoshou wonton can only know that like this… Source: Source: @ @ Doug Han Han Doug photograph: @ Wei later if Jill beautiful Sichuan delicacy that only the people of the whole country, will not let me go, because I’ve seen Jiuzhaigou mountain and water, feel the lovely pandas, walking in the Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley of classical and modern, to love Kangding. My heart, longing for the city of sertar. There are a lot of beautiful mountains and rivers and drift to the unspeakable Xia相关的主题文章: