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The school for parents at the school gate at 4 in the afternoon to maintain order netizen exploded yesterday, netizen "Chi Ming purple cherry" post – "son of the kindergarten, the parents received nursing (reporters note: have long at the school gate guard) message, always feel very confused, I hope a person with breadth of vision can answer one or two. Children go to school every day is the two of our husband and wife sent to the class until he went in. Do not understand is that the school requires us to care, care what? Kindergarten generally around 4 in the afternoon after school, this point, most of us are still working. I have consulted the school, whether it can be replaced by grandparents, the school said they do not agree, we must personally participate in the parents. School leaders can not take into account the interests of our parents, after all, it is not easy to work. The gate of the kindergarten to school time school need our parents to heavy traffic, to maintain order, I think this idea is really boring. In addition to driving parents and parents on duty to create friction, can not think of what is the significance." SMS notification figure most users need not think nursing post issue, on the Internet exploded, the vast majority of netizens think "Chi Ming Zi Ying" said is reasonable, netizen "Zhu sister 9009": can understand the landlord. School out of such a provision, for the general office workers, parents, there are difficulties. Why can’t we consider the difficulty of parents? In order to learn the safety of children, you can ask a few teachers or security, as for the cost, as long as it is not too outrageous, I think parents can accept. Users bored Doll: children do not read the book really easy ah, kindergarten to primary school 9 years to learn the whole process should be accompanied by parents, for fear of missing the teacher what the news, always pay attention to the importance of. Do not actively participate in school or teachers do not work, to participate in the work must be sacrificed. The "roadside grass": I hate this, but no way, after all, is to stand there and watch mobile phone, only a waste of time. Netizen I drunk Jun Fu Music: I think the parents questioned also justified. Anyway, every time I feel nursing, is useless: we have neither the power nor the traffic capacity to be harsh points, can also be cleaned up really touched when rushed to protect the child…… HXZZH: when I was small belly to guard, just sit the confinement shift, Andy lay the baby in the car to accompany me to the kindergarten when Andy, is sitting in the buggy rain guard to accompany me, now Dabao on the first grade, the teacher said primary school each period a nursing school, collapse. There are also some parents feel that the guardian of parents, there is a certain degree of necessity – Friends Dangdang and Pipi: This is our school, a semester down most of the time it is a turn. Netizen "supermoon": time to write this post, the work of the hands of tight tight, the nursing school for half an hour out. It’s all about complaining, and I don’t know why. Netizen "duplicity" in 6620: the school time you look at the school gate traffic is a mess. Say you go to nursing school Gang, your child must be very happy, this is the original intention to the safety of students, understanding long live! On site"相关的主题文章: