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The protests have been successful. Turkey has withdrawn its " the rape of young girls has legalized " the draft law last weekend in Turkey, Ankara and, many people took to the streets to protest the controversial draft law. According to a German television. Recently, Turkey, a statutory rape of young girls in Turkey caused a huge controversy. The specific content of the bill is that men who have sex with underage women can be found guilty of marriage to the victims. Critics say that the draft law is indulge in sexual crime and sexual abuse of children. However, this seems to usher in a turnaround, according to German media reports, in November 22nd, Ankara announced the withdrawal of the bill. German television media authority (ARD) reported that the government of Turkey Prime Minister Yildirim said that the government has withdrawn the draft law, while the draft is being revised. It is understood that the government of Turkey in the controversial legislation to Parliament (by the ruling party justice and development party controlled parliament) last vote before the program, took action. The bill sparked protests and was condemned on a global scale. Critics say it will legalize statutory rape and encourage the practice of marrying young girls. If the bill passes or will benefit three thousand Turkey men, it is understood that if the bill is passed, there will be a total of 3000 men from the bill to benefit. Generally speaking, marriage is illegal in Turkey under the age of 18, but if the court recognized the marriage, then this is an exception and was recognized by the court as legitimate. The government of Turkey’s justice and development party wants to introduce the controversial bill, which aims to solve the problem of illegal marriage. The move by the government of Turkey and the justice and Development Party has caused great anger in Turkey. Last weekend, 730000 people signed an online petition against the bill. At the same time, the United Nations had also urged the Turkey government not to approve the bill, saying it would damage the ability of Turkey to combat sexual abuse and child marriage. Feminists claim to pass the bill means to pardon criminals of sexual assault.相关的主题文章: