The Prohibition and then upgrade liquor accelerated regression of the mass consumer market —

The "Prohibition" and then upgrade   liquor accelerated regression of the mass consumer market — food channel — original title: "since the prohibition and upgrade liquor accelerated return mass consumer market this year, many provinces further tightened the" Prohibition ", the official reception comprehensive" temperance "has become a trend. With the official dinner market continues to shrink, liquor companies to accelerate the transformation of the market, individuals and businesses to become the main consumer products, liquor accelerate the return to the mass consumer market. The "Prohibition" to upgrade Xinjiang recently introduced the "autonomous region official reception regulations" the prohibition of alcohol, at all levels of the Autonomous Region Party and government organs, institutions, people’s organizations staff in the autonomous region within the scope of all the official reception will be prohibited from drinking; for the reception of Foreign Affairs and investment and other special circumstances require the approval of drink. The discipline inspection organs audit. "Domestic official reception party and government organs Management Regulations" issued in December 2013, made clear the key links of food, accommodation and reception line, which provides the official dinner "may not provide cigarettes and premium drinks". The introduction of the provisions of the Xinjiang is based on the refinement of the upgrade, the high-end wine range extended to any wine". Previously, Zhejiang, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Jiangsu, Hunan, Anhui and other provinces have issued official reception prohibition". Among them, Heilongjiang, Jilin in 2014 introduced the relevant provisions of the official reception for the province official activities shall not drink; in July this year, Anhui province official ban released "drinking" provisions proposed, are not allowed to drink any person and any units of alcohol or alcohol beverage. Liquor companies to accelerate the transition from the eight provisions after the introduction of the liquor industry has experienced a sustained depth adjustment. Data show that the proportion of high-end liquor consumption by 40% in 2012 before the sharp decline in 2014 after less than 5%. Moutai chairman Yuan Renguo has said that Moutai’s official consumption has fallen to about 1%. With the continuous consumption of public service, business and individuals become the main consumer of high-end liquor. In addition to high-end liquor, the Xinjiang issued the "Prohibition" ordinary wine into the scope of the prohibition. In this regard, wine marketing expert Jin Yufeng said, this may cause some impact on Xinjiang Ordinary liquor sales, but the effect is not obvious. Since the provisions of the eight, for the official market, liquor sales have dropped significantly, increasing the frequency of mass consumption, rising prices, the form is more diversified. Superimposed commercial consumption demand, public consumption is no longer the core factor affecting the consumption of ordinary wine. Guotai Junan pointed out that the Xinjiang implementation of the prohibition of Iraqi special forces, Portugal shares, through Portuguese shares have direct impact on the local wine enterprises, may not be conducive to the gold emblem of wine into the northwest. However, the majority of liquor listed companies have less impact. The industry believes that this year from Anhui province and Hunan Province, the "Prohibition" effect, liquor companies affected, Xinjiang is expected to the "Prohibition" does not have a substantial impact on the performance of listed companies liquor. The current round of liquor recovery is based on the establishment of private enterprises on the basis of consumer and business consumption, resulting in consumer upgrades, brand concentration mention相关的主题文章: