The present Beijing card index shows back court in Beijing-sunny came home

The present "Beijing card" index "shows" – back court Beijing Mr. Bu received his Beijing passenger car index, free of charge for three years, not in the wave number being up friend Mr. Zhang used. Then he will be "small" to court, asked to confirm the index book exchange agreement signed by both parties is invalid. Yesterday morning, the case in the Haidian court, Mr. bu "estoppel" reason is the transfer of small passenger car index risk is too large, the agreement violates the legal provisions should be invalid. Mr. Zhang to express their dissatisfaction with the unilateral passenger car index, said it was his car to keep mr.. The index also sent back yesterday, this is "small", and Mr. Zhang, each sitting in a Haidian court for the original dock, a small passenger car index "". Mr. Wang sued the plaintiff, in 2013, he will own all the passenger car indicators for the use of Mr. Zhang, the two sides signed the "Beijing personal passenger car index swap agreement". The agreement agreed that Mr. Bu voluntarily to the city of Beijing personal passenger car renewal index to replace the use of Mr. zhang……" After the signing of the agreement, Mr. Bu said he gradually realized that the agreement in violation of the law, the risk is great. The two sides agreed should belong to the invalid contract, so he will be Mr. Zhang to court, requesting the court: the two sides signed the "Beijing personal exchange agreement" small passenger car index is invalid, litigation costs borne by the defendant. Mr. Zhang said the reply, Mr. Bu Yi’s request for litigation. In May 14, 2013, Mr. Bu won the Car Buying index, after three years do not take the initiative to find Yaohao in Mr. Zhang said it will not drive the child in the home have a car, can be the index for Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang to wait until then to shake the number index return, Mr. Zhang considered agreed, and in October 2013 to bu Mr. ID to spend 150 thousand yuan to buy a TOYOTA car, the car is registered in the name of Mr. bo. Mr. Zhang said, originally thought to be practical to use Mr. Chen’s passenger car indicators, but by the end of 2015 Mr. Bu found him, said the youngest son needs a small passenger car index, so mr.. The plaintiff said in the name of the car afraid to bear responsibility for Mr. Zhang said, two years of friends, but he does not know Mr. Bu had two sons, and Mr. Bu in the agreement, there is no need to use the small son of a small passenger car index. Frankly, I had to help the students to keep the Car Buying Buxian small passenger car index, now, Mr. unilaterally to recover a small passenger car index, Mr. Zhang said, this I have fooled feeling. Mr. Bu said, and Mr. Zhang is the hospital before and after the neighbor, Mr. Zhang should be on the situation of children in his house know that they want to return to a small passenger car index, because Mr. Zhang’s car registered in their own name, and Mr. bu I heard this car accident or at what problems are possible is the owner’s responsibility, so feel the risk is too big, so I want to go back to the index. According to the evidence presented by both sides of the trial, Mr. Xi is the index of the passenger car free to Mr. Zhang to use, no charge. The case was not in court for sentencing. – extended city相关的主题文章: