The Oriental entrepreneurship competition in hand QRC venture capital start Asian roadshow – Beijing kairui

25 days ago, the Oriental entrepreneurship competition in hand QRC venture capital to start the Asian roadshow – Beijing Beijing in Beijing on October by winning network, "s Road Capital Queen and New Oriental venture capital fund (hereinafter referred to as" QRC fund ") jointly organized the" winter break, speculators vied "the third winning Oriental entrepreneurship contest held the Asian roadshow in Beijing launch ceremony. It is understood that the roadshow will also visit Philippines, Indonesia and other Asian countries to tap the excellent entrepreneurial projects. It is understood that the third session of the Oriental entrepreneurship competition started in April this year, this is the New Oriental net and following the 2014, after 2015 third jointly organized entrepreneurship competition for the first time and choose the depth cooperation with overseas top VCs QRC venture capital fund and the launch of the Asian roadshow, providing educational information display platform for entrepreneurs, to contribute to the effective investment financing opportunities. According to the organizing committee said that the QRC venture capital fund by where the network co-founder and former CEO Dai Furui (Fritz Demopoulos) was founded, the founder of the fund focused on Chinese and Southeast Asia TMT industry, including seed media, education and training, round the field of electronic commerce, health care, such as HR technology, A round and B round of investment; as a strategic partner, the fund will provide venture capital for outstanding entries. The contest lasted about 8 months, a total of project recruitment, project review, roadshow and the final round of the tour of the 4 stages. The Asian roadshow tour as the third stage, the entry of entrepreneurial projects will have the opportunity to get the top venture capitalists in the roadshow scene. At present, the East Asian entrepreneurship contest roadshow Beijing Railway Station has attracted including Qin education, class set, Huayi Music Academy, a cloud, eggshell education, music education, Drama Box examination, echocardiography, marrick NELTS nice mathematics, new academia education cloud platform, Club, Universities, your heart, EDUVASION 12 startup enterprises to participate in. It is reported that the continuation of the previous contest mentor lineup and capital support, by winning network co-founder & que Dengfeng; chairman, winning network co-founder & CEO; Dai Zheng, QRC venture capital fund founder, where network co-founder and former CEO Dai Furui, New Oriental Investment Director Zhao Zheng, Asia innovation group co-founder and Chief Executive officer, Zynga China general manager Tian Hangzhi and other well-known entrepreneurs and investors as a business mentor. At the same time, the contest roadshow attracted 6 listed companies in New Oriental, lanxum,, winning network, Su River, Hong Kong and Datang innovation innovation works, Hong Thai fund, Cerberus investment, Guoan hit off nearly 20 VC institutions to participate in projects, to create efficient financing environment for entrepreneurs to solve the financial problems in the development of. Dai Furui, founder of the QRC venture capital fund, said that China’s education industry is in a phase of expansion, and in 2015 alone, there were 1600 new products in line with the needs of teachers, courses and schools.相关的主题文章: