The Organization Department of the new standards on a handful of senior cadres ambitions-3u8895

The Department of the new criterion: very few senior cadres of the ambition of the CPC Central Committee Organization Department Vice Minister Qi Yu on October 28, 2016 (Friday) at 3 pm, the Central Propaganda Department held a press conference, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Central Organization Department, the Central Propaganda Department responsible comrades of the Chinese Communist Party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, and a reporter asked. Jiang Jianguo: Thank you, Mr Huang Kunming. Below, please Vice Minister of the jade on the new situation in the party’s political life of the relevant provisions of several guidelines. Qi Yu, Vice Minister of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee: very pleased to meet with the media friends. As we all know, yesterday’s closing of the CPC Central Committee in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, passed the "new situation in the political life of the party a number of guidelines". Below, I focus on the situation in this regard. Qi Yu: to carry out serious party political life seriously, is our party’s fine tradition and political advantage, is our party adhere to the nature and purpose of the party, maintain the advanced nature and purity, to improve the important magic weapon of creativity and cohesiveness and battle effectiveness, is an important way of self purification, self-improvement, self innovation and self-improvement to achieve our the party. Our party from the date of establishment, it attaches great importance to the political life of the party, and in the long-term practice, and gradually formed a realistic theory and practice, in close contact with the masses, criticism and self-criticism, democratic centralism, strict party discipline and party political life as the main content of the basic norms. After the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, our party also conscientiously sum up two aspects of the party’s political life experience especially the painful lessons of the cultural revolution in 1980 formulated the "guiding principles" on the political life of the party, to realize the transfer of the work of the whole party in the heart and bring order out of chaos, to promote the unity and solidarity of the party to ensure the reform and opening up and socialist modernization well, have played a very important role. Qi jade: why this plenary meeting to develop a new criterion? I realize that there are several main reasons: first, the need to improve the four comprehensive strategic layout. To coordinate and promote the "four overall" strategic layout is a new strategy of governing the country by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core. A monographic study of the party’s eighteen session of third, fourth, fifth plenary session have been comprehensively deepen reform and the rule of law, building a well-off society, the six plenary session of the party’s political life and to develop guidelines and revised supervision regulations within the party for special research focus from the overall strict party discipline, so that "the four overall strategic layout are through a plenary session of the Central Committee of research and deployment, it is an overall design of our party. Qi Yu: two is the need to deepen comprehensive strictly. Comprehensive strictly is a distinct theme of the CPC Central Committee on Party construction since eighteen. To strengthen and standardize the political life of the party, is an important starting point to promote the comprehensive strictly. The six plenary session of the Central Committee on the research foundation of comprehensive strictly lively practice since the eighteen large, careful analysis of new situations and new problems facing the construction of the party under the new situation, to strengthen and standardize the political life of the party made new institutional arrangements, the depth of 7相关的主题文章: