The old man went to Shen Dalian hospital lost enthusiastic owner a guide-sopor aeternus

The old man went to Shen Dalian hospital lost enthusiastic owner a guide in October 13th, a 78 year old man in Wafangdian City went to Shen heart attack treatment, ambulance drivers do not know the specific address of the General Hospital of Shenyang military region. In desperation, the good people of Shenyang free of charge for emergency vehicles to lead the way, for the sick old people get more rescue time. Yesterday afternoon, Wang uncle to reporters for help: thanks to the kind of people in Shenyang, my wife has been out of danger, I want to find the license plate number for the owners of the Liao A437D2, would like to thank him in person!" One does not know the way to Shen recalled what happened a few days ago, Uncle Wang is still a lingering fear. "My wife is 78 years old. On the afternoon of October 13th, she had a heart attack and was out of breath. The doctor suggested that we go to Shenyang military general hospital." Subsequently, Wang uncle took his wife to take the children’s Hospital of Wafangdian City central hospital to Shen shen. As a result of the emergency vehicle driver can not confirm the specific location of the hospital, a pedestrian walking around asking. "To the highway rest stop, ambulance drivers to a private car owners in Shenyang for directions." Uncle Wang said, because the emergency car driver does not know the name of the street in Shenyang, did not remember how to go. "We are enthusiastic owner to guide Shenyang Road, the driver to get off the road about, just to see before we refer to passing cars with up." Uncle Wang said, when his wife’s son’s physical condition is not very good, a car people are anxious. Let Uncle Wang did not think of is, this car license plate number for Liaoning A437D2 private car drove to the emergency car, that will lead the way for the ambulance. It was around 4 in the afternoon, because the patient is in critical condition, we do not communicate with the owners of private cars." Soon, under the leadership of private cars, emergency vehicles arrived at the General Hospital of Shenyang military command. Uncle Wang had a car with the main Xie, this car is gone. "I saw the car in front of the head, only know that he is not on the way, we deliberately sent to." Uncle Wang said, in a hurry, I only remember the license plate number, and the owner is a man of medium size. Thanksgiving to thank Uncle Wang for now, his wife through a dangerous period, waiting for surgery in the hospital. "I am particularly grateful to the owner, because he was enthusiastic for my wife to win the rescue time. I want to find him and thank him in person!"相关的主题文章: