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The old man accidentally received 5388 yuan deposit new network leads to the village of "Bai Xiaosheng" corruption case – agent, village village, the village postman documents, labor workers, he is the villagers in the eyes of the Bai xiaosheng". The elderly medical insurance subsidies, embezzlement embezzlement charges, even the villagers commission fees for utilities, telephone charges are "plucking, deduction of interception, he is also the people around" big moths". Zhejiang city in Wenling Province, the coastal town of Baihua Village agency a beam Yuanlin was expelled from the party, transferred to judicial organs — in Zhejiang city in Wenling Province, the coastal town of Baihua village, mention the village of agency staff and village village, the village postman documents, labor and social security workers Lin Yiliang, is no wonder. In the impression, Kobayashi not only articulate, understand the policy and technology, is the "omniscient omniscient Baixiao born". The villagers to charge calls, pay electricity, to the rural social pension insurance, pension insurance surrender gold farmers pay for him. Can not long ago, when more than 4 years of agent Lin Yiliang suddenly disappeared in the sight of the villagers, the villagers found the endowment insurance agency commissioned Lin Yiliang no insurance, old age allowance in the village 80 years old also take wings to itself…… Lie to Lin Yiliang of the incident from the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, a sum of 5388 yuan of "accident" deposit. December 2015, the family lives in the village of the village of Qu Yuan to the rural cooperative bank to receive landless farmers pension. Check the bank teller told her a few days ago, the elderly account remitted 5388 yuan deposit. "Before the monthly subsidy of only 449 yuan, how much more so a lot of money? No one is going to be wrong?" Home for the elderly, to the "windfall" a good night sleep. The second day she to the village of the same age one asked the old man, my doubt is greater. The original, from the beginning of 2013, the government issued to landless farmers pension subsidies from 449 yuan per month increased to 543 yuan per month, can grant the elderly Qu Ciaran has been rising. The old man quickly told the story to his son. Son rushed to the Wenling city social security center investigation found, the staff to provide the insured farmers landless baihuacun list, simply do not have their own mother’s name. Remember clearly Qu family, the first half of 2011 Baihua village land requisition. At that time, the village cadres said, as long as the payment of more than 30 thousand yuan of land lost farmers pension insurance, after the age of 55 can receive a monthly pension. The thought of "get a fixed salary per month," the family is not rich home put all sorts of things together borrowed 32 thousand and 400 yuan, to the hands of Lin Yiliang. But did not expect, Lin Liang has moved the crooked brains, get the money directly into their pockets. To deceive the public, he also under the guise of social security center name, according to the standard money 449 yuan per month to Qu Ciaran account. In December 2015, for the convenience of a forest will be a year of grant a one-time deposit card in the Qu Sharon, was caused by the old man’s doubts, carefully constructed 4 years finally caught the lie. "Plucking the crazy money in Baihua village, the old man injured as Qu Ciaran)相关的主题文章: