The old driver says that the bear is going to school! What are you supposed to do on the road safety kaya scodelario

The old driver says that the bear is going to school! Are you ready for what the traffic safety car – Sohu in the blink of an eye to the end of August, when the parents are to be liberated, because – bear children finally reopened! Summer homework TA is also not a move? Do you still have to sleep late every day? How about you? Are you ready for school? This is the old driver and you talk about the bear children start school every day to pick up the car to pick up TA you should learn what. Car safety first in terms of child safety, the old driver really want to remind parents of the following car is very necessary. Don’t think their children sit on the seat as long as the seatbelt is absolutely safe, do not mistakenly think that parents with TA, this situation often encounter danger, hurt more likely. That 1, child safety seat of scientific experiments, once the vehicle collision accident, the use of child safety seat can be reduced child mortality rate was 71%. Among them, the infant mortality rate can be reduced by 70%, reduce the mortality of children 4 to 7 years old 59%. The old driver also cannot avoid the stereotypes, the first necessary is a child safety seat. The utility model relates to a seat which is arranged on the seat of a vehicle, is provided for the infant to ride, and has a binding device, and can be used for ensuring the safety of infants and young children. Children’s age (0 to 1 years), children (ages 1 to 5), children (ages 5 to 12). According to the direction of the display: backward, forward, convertible (can be converted into a backward or forward). According to the vehicle fixed mode: ISOFIX (corresponding to the European standard), LATCH (corresponding to the United States standard), safety belt fixed. These various parameters have not let parents feel the first big? The following was the opportunity to buy another details, please look forward to! 2, children’s safety increased pad believes that many parents have felt the old driver brain dull, our children have to go to school, can not use the seat. We just want to find a convenient point of the road". So the old driver is to introduce the safety of children increased pad, it is mainly for more than 4 years of age, body weight reached 22-26Kg’s design, structure than the child safety seat is much simpler, with increased pad to automobile safety belt to make use of the safety of children. Although the safety of children’s safety pad protection function does not have a comprehensive child safety seat, especially in the case of side impact, but on the whole still can provide a better security for the larger baby. Simple child safety cushion is through increased pad to improve children’s sitting height, thus able to use adult seat belt height, because the main factors of children can not use adult seat belt is tall enough, but if it is not recommended for children under 4 years of age or to use child safety seat, do not use child safety increased pad. Child safety cushion prices are not expensive, it is recommended that the baby is equipped with a! 3, the safety belt of the child with the safety device is mainly based on the design of the body structure of the adult use, so a!相关的主题文章: