The official leaked the original call of duty in 2017 or will return to Vietnam

The official leaked the original "call of duty" in 2017 or will return to Vietnam according to hearsay broke the news, 2017 "special purchases for the Spring Festival" "call of duty" the story will happen in vietnam. It is reported that under the will and the main group is responsible for making a sledgehammer, vietnam. As everyone knows, "call of duty" series of works in recent years have focused on the future battlefield, which led to some dissatisfaction with the game player, because Activision has three consecutive years of development of science fiction "call of duty", "stop even now", also cannot be redeemed internationally the disappointment. In fact, the studio has also devised a plan for 6-8 months to make a third person shooter "call of duty", and the background of the story is set during the Vietnam War, they were indeed hope to make into the heart of the game, but there was a big the problem is that it is not what they are good at the first person shooter games. The sledgehammer studio ever made "call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3", "call of Duty: advanced war", the change of style for them should be welcomed, out of a sledgehammer studio of this legend — they plan to develop a "call of duty" based on a series of third person shooter games at that time, the tentative name is "call of Duty: the Vietnam War". And on the background of the game will not only be limited to Vietnam, in fact, will involve Laos and Kampuchea and other surrounding areas. At that time, also used a lot of famous shooting game "death space" of the relevant elements, to explain a distinctive Vietnam war. The final hammer took six months to develop a about 15 minutes of the game Demo, but then Activision is required to develop a sledgehammer "Modern Warfare 3" immediately, but in the modern war, the hammer is toward the future "call of Duty: advanced war", and "the war", as it is said, the history. However, in general, the game industry will not idle nothing to expose some of the stuff. Maybe one day Activision brain hole wide open, then pull over to reopen this sledgehammer "call of Duty:" even in Vietnam, since the outflow of some things, let us have a little hope. (source: 3DM editor: DY)   Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: