The Northeast gun met Xi’an’s brother son dragged five or six meters injured (video) jiqingwuyuetian

The Northeast gun met Xi’an’s brother son dragged five or six meters northeast injured "old gun" is Xi’an’s brother dragged injuries: I restrained Feng Xiaogang film old gun, we have seen a lot of people. Yesterday, a similar story and the old story of the film was reproduced in Xi’an. In eight North Zhang mentioned yesterday, Mr. Lee said he really feel stuck. Mr. Lee: "today I ride a bike in the motor lane, because there is a car parked next to the back of the taxi on me. I scold him too." Lee said he really is blocking the way of the taxi, but because the bike is occupied, and he is helpless. When he and brother yell two thought nothing, who knows…… Mr. Li: I rode 50 meters forward, he drove me to stop, he hit me, push me down the next two. I pushed him two times before he threw my bike into the middle of the road. I didn’t let him go. He drove me five or six metres." Mr. Lee: "it’s a lot of blood." Reporter: this injury is how to come, he dragged the line." The legs and arms are injured, Mr. Lee said he was young in the home is bad tempered love to fight, now learn to exercise restraint, did not expect to be the young brother to bully. Mr. Li: I am 48 years old, the family and the elderly daughter-in-law, I really want to beat him, like playing chicken." Mr Li said the situation was urgent, did not write down the license plate number, but he wanted to ask the police for help, hope for the young brother, said a good reason. Mr. Li: I hope the police can find the young man, speak the truth clearly to me, young people not to be too reckless. A little bit of restraint, everything is gone."相关的主题文章: