The north face fifty anniversary exploration pigeon blood

The North Face fifty anniversary exploration more than 1966, The North Face brand was officially established in San Francisco, USA. Each body has a "crazy seed", many people choose to kill it in advance, but also some people let it grow. The latter is the birth of a group of intrepid challenger, is not satisfied with the comfort and the trivial, they follow the primitive instinct of the heart, escape from the comfort zone, continue to challenge and go beyond the self; not satisfied with everything in their mind behoove, crazy ideas become the motive power of the innovation breakthrough. With their incomparable enthusiasm will be "Crazy" into practice, and perseverance to adhere to the dream into reality. In fact, The North Face? Is such a "crazy challenger, fifty years never stop exploring the outdoor sports extreme, outdoor enthusiasts around the world continue to dream, and become their most loyal and reliable partner. It is such a stick, to "live crazy" The North Face? From a small, rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing and other specialty equipment retail stores, now developed into the world of outdoor sports industry leader brand. Exploration of the road from the love of "Crazy" in 1966, The North Face brand was officially established in San Francisco, USA. Outdoor sports is a crazy journey in most people’s eyes, The North Face? Love adventure is far less than people imagine in the extreme: in the northern hemisphere, the peaks of the north side of the cold, snow covered the deepest and most difficult to climb, but the real climber always no fear, difficulties and. This is precisely the reason why the brand was named The North Face, explore never stop Never Stop Exploring has become the eternal spirit of brand slogan. With love and perfection for the outdoor exploration spirit, The North Face? The product innovation, designed to help those who have common "Crazy" gene and brand, has the possibility to explore and challenge the limits of the. In 1976, the brand set up a quality control laboratory for materials testing, and to cooperate with other well-known manufacturers, joint research and development for different outdoor environment, to meet the various needs of the material and fabric. It can be said, The North Face always walk in the forefront of the outdoor sports industry, promoting the development of the entire industry product technology. The North Face? Each product is subject to rigorous field testing by athletes. The North Face, with the world’s best athletes to reach a contract, so that they explore the experience of their own equipment, and feedback, in order to further improve the design. After such a life limit test, The North Face? The product has not only a piece of equipment, more people can give life a loyal partner in the adventure trip. At the same time, the brand always.相关的主题文章: