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The new population rebound in consumption to fight multiple maternal electricity supplier into the reshuffle new birth population rebound multiple consumption maternal industry reshuffle Author: Wang Rong   source: China securities · the card network of China’s new born population rebound. The State Planning Commission officials revealed the day before landing, benefited from the January 1, 2016 "comprehensive two children" policy, this year was born half a year compared to the same period in 2015 the national population growth of 6.9 percentage points, of which two children born population accounted for more than 40%. Analysts pointed out that "85 to 90 years’ growth peak superposition of urbanization speed in recent years, city population surge, diversified consumer demand and generate more demand for high quality products and services, maternal and child industry usher in rapid development period. The new population rebound in September 28th, deputy director of the State Planning Commission Wang Peian in population resources and Environment Committee of the CPPCC fourth population and Development Forum said that the current "two child policy implementation smoothly, family status and policy adjustment before the anticipation is consistent. According to statistics, in the first half of this year, the national birth population rose by 6.9 percentage points over the same period in 2015, which accounted for more than two births accounted for more than 40%. Born in 2015 population of 16 million 550 thousand people, according to the growth rate of the first half of this year, this year’s total population will reach nearly 18 million. Demographic experts Huang Wenzheng had previously estimated that a total of two children each year brings the new population in the range of 3 million -800. Born every year more than 1 million to 2 million babies, an increase of $120 billion to $160 billion business opportunities." Su Ningyun quotient COO Hou Enlong said. Newborn population rebound is most obvious in the first tier cities. Aurora director general manager Jiang Haotian introduced, the number of new Beijing, Shanghai after the lows of 2000 has already begun to rebound. Urbanization has become an important aspect of new urban population. To promote the "100 million non household population settled in the city plan" before the release, the program clear, "13th Five-Year" period, household population urbanization rate is an average increase of 1 percentage points above the average, the transfer of more than 13 million people. By 2020, the national household population urbanization rate increased to 45%, the urbanization rate of household population urbanization rate gap with the resident population than in 2013 narrowed by more than 2 percentage points. This will speed up the birth of the population concentrated in the city. Maternal and child consumption in the first tier cities and three or four line cities are different, but the common feature is to improve the quality requirements." Senior industry practitioners on maternal and child China Securities newspaper reporter said that a second tier city needs to point clear, additional value of the product attributes, and brand story; and the three or four line of the city consumer awareness of maternal and child products is generally low, low brand loyalty. The diversification of consumer demand, the high quality product and service will be the birth of baby, the field will again welcome climax. IResearch predicts that in 2017 China’s maternal and child market size will reach 3 trillion yuan, the compound growth rate of the next three years will reach 14.5%. Business competition white hot.相关的主题文章: