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The new Audi A7 Sportback listed for sale 598 thousand days before the hearing, Phoenix car, FAW – Volkswagen Audi officially announced its 2017 Audi A7 Sportback officially listed. The new car will be based on the configuration of a total of five differential models, the price range of 59.8-89.8 million. The 2017 Audi A7 Sportback configuration guide price list models (million) A7 Sportback 35TFSI A7 Sportback 40TFSI fashion type 59.8 Sportback 40TFSI Quattro 65.8 A7 aggressive type 70.8 A7 Sportback 50TFSI Quattro technology A7 Sportback 50TFSI comfortable type 81.8 Quattro dynamic type 89.8 tab: Phoenix car appearance, the new Audi A7 Sportback to maintain the basic design style. The new car models, mainly focused on the details of the change. Including the new logo grille become more spacious, its Quattro logo also uses a new design. In addition, the new front bumper has been adjusted to become more three-dimensional. Tail, the new taillights with a new design, and with dynamic display. In terms of color, the new car will provide three kinds of body color scheme, such as Gothic green, matador red and Java brown. 2016 Audi A7 50 TFSI Quattro comfortable type in the car, according to the different models, will be equipped with four new design wheels, including 10 spoke sports 18 inch 5 spoke cast aluminum wheels, arms star 19 inch 5 spoke cast aluminum wheels, arms V 19 inch 5 spoke cast aluminum wheels and W type high black light 20 inch aluminum wheels. Interior, new car and the car also changed little, only in the original matte, piano paint, brown mahogany base, added a new design scheme of grey brushed aluminum trim to choose. Power, the new car will be equipped with 2 TFSI and a TFSI engine, the maximum power of 252 horsepower and a total of 333 horsepower, peak torque of 370 cattle · m and 440 cattle · M. Official new car 0-100km h acceleration time of 6.9 seconds and 5.3 seconds.相关的主题文章: